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[J4-20] 208SFHD024 Oregon Advance Cut 20″[50cm] 3/8″ .058 72 drive links


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Part Number 208SFHD024
Weight 610g
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Oregon Advance Cut bars are multi rivet nose bars that will work in all conditions for both home owner and professional alike. They provide a good balance between price point, looks and durability.

Oregon Advance Cut HD bars are a heavier duty version of the Advance Cut bars [they have a stronger nose sprocket].

If you are completely bewildered by Oregon’s part numbers and naming system – don’t feel as if you are alone. It feels that you need a post doctorate in order to get your head around how and why Oregon have named their guidebars. The bar part numbers are non intuitive and frustrating. And once you have managed to process what stands for what – it all changes. BUT they have been doing this a long time. They still produce a great range of products at good prices and supply is ok. There is a reason we sell them and they are still a valuable brand of guidebar that offers it’s own unique advantages.


Cutting through the jargon:

  • Single Rivet/Double Guard Bars [x7 Tooth Noses] [Formally known as Double Guard] – small light bars for small lightweight chainsaws. Not that durable but good price and easy to buy.
  • AdvanceCut Bars [x10 Tooth Noses] are laminated bars that are tougher – more for general tasks, medium chainsaws, pro users.
  • AdvanceCut Bars HD [x9-x12 Tooth Noses] – HD for Heavy Duty! Large multi rivet noses – heavier duty construction, good tough laminated bars.
  • Speedcut Bars [x10 Tooth Noses] – run .325 .050[1.3mm] tend to be on saws 40cc-60cc – use Oregon 95TXL chain or a Stihl narrow kerf [Quick cut same thing] .325 .050[1.3mm] chain.
  • Speedcut Nano Bars [x9 Tooth Noses] – run .325 .043[1.1mm] even smaller chain than the other .325 chain above! Tends to go on smaller chainsaws Oregon recommends 20cc-38cc.
  • Control Cut Bars [x10 Tooth Noses] – smaller nose multi rivet laminated bars – NB: main difference is a slightly smaller nose sprocket for more control.
  • Versa Cut Bars [x11-x12 Tooth Noses] – larger nose bars for general cutting and better durability.
  • Powercut/Powermatch Bars [x11-x12 Tooth Noses] – Oregons pro bar which is non laminated and made from a single piece of steel for best durability and performance. Sprocket is replaceable [find replacement sprockets here].



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Weight 610 g

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