We have an essential info section looking at how to ID chains – why not take a look by clicking here.

Chains are not measured by stretching them out on a bench and squinting down a tape measure – chains are identified by PITCH, GUAGE and NUMBER OF DRIVE LINKS [no – not the cutting teeth – drive links and you’ll know the difference by even a cursory look at the chain ID link above].

Bars likewise are not measured the same way – manufacturers give them a set ‘length’ which is generally the sticky out bit that comes out of the chainsaw [not including the mount unless in the case of large double ended milling bars which are the exception to the rule and measured end to end].

Chain sharpening is key – if you cannot use a chain and have it cutting well until the cutters are so small they end up getting knocked off – you have plenty to learn. Watch, research, rinse and repeat. Read our article on chain sharpening by clicking here – often people get caught up in different angles and techniques – but the principles are always the same.

If you are serious about correct maintenance of your bar and chain work your way through the Oregon manual [click here] and after that check out the Stihl equivalent [click here]. Using a chainsaw for 20 years [badly] does not qualify you as an experienced user – so be the change, make the difference and keep educating yourself about these valuable yet dangerous tools.

And finally – why buy a new bar and chain without checking/replacing the drive rim or drive sprocket? [again click here if unsure on what these refer to]. Would you change the oil on your car without changing the oil filter?

3958-46RCX Stihl Ripping .404 .063[1.6mm]


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Please make sure you order the correct number of drive links for your bar Check you have not just ordered 1 drive link


Stihl ripping chain factory ground to 10 degrees – to be used in conjuction with chainsaw mills. Nice strong ripping chain that really seems to keep it’s edge no matter what you are cutting. Based on Stihl’s Rapid Micro Chisel chain it is an easy chain to keep sharp.

Confused about what Ripping Chain does what? Click here to read this Arbtalk article on Ripping Chain.



Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Bob Saunders
.404 Stihl Ripper 25" 5 Star.

Not my first ripping chain from Stihl and Chainsawbars. Won't be my last. An absolutely lovely finish when used on the chainsaw sawmill. Get One! You won't regret it.

Panther Mill

I previously bought a mill from Amazon. This was a life mistake, it was so crap that it was life threatening. I was lucky to find this Chainsawbars and decided to take a chance at the Number 1Mill. I did my first cut with 160cm Chainsaw Guide and 27RX Oregon Hyper Skip Ripping Chain. This was a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended, well worth it and the staffs are great.

Kevin Rigler
404 chain

Great service as normal

Robert Leigh

Cuts very well however will take some getting used to as so aggressive as usually running the hyper skip chain. Keeps and edge really well

Samantha Pearson

3958-46RCX Stihl Ripping .404 .063

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