(P+3/8LP-050-LG) Panther Plus Lo Pro Full Chisel Chain [Guarded Version] 3/8 Lo Pro .050[1.3mm]


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New Panther 3/8 Lo Pro full chisel guarded chain for smaller chainsaws.

New Panther + chain [patent pending]. The + stands for additional line markings on the top plate of the tooth which helps give a visual guide to the angle you are sharpening at but more importantly it helps you judge the tooth length in relation to the other teeth on the chain. One of the hardest things to do with a chainsaw chain [without a guide] is to ensure each tooth is the same length and the same angle as all it’s brothers. If not cutting becomes inconsistent, vibration increases, the teeth that are longer take big bites of the wood and dull faster.


  • P stands for Panther
  • + stands for Panther Precision sharpening system [or lines on the top plate!]
  • 3/8LP = self explanatory – it is 3/8 Lo Pro chain
  • 050 = gauge of chain is .050[1.3mm]
  • L = Full Chisel
  • G = Guarded


Customer Reviews

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Chain grabs and bounces a lot

First chain of this brand which I have used.%0D%0AThis chain cuts from new as if the depth guides%28rakers%29 have been taken down too low when sharpening.%0D%0A%0D%0AIt takes too much of a bite of the timber causing the chain to bind when pressure is applied%2C if pressure is not applied the bar bounces in the cut.%0D%0A%0D%0AThis issue may be fixed by a heavy sharpen but haven’t tried that yet.%0D%0AThis shouldn’t be the case with a new chain and I’ve never had this issue with other brands of chain.

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