M75LPX Oregon Chisel DuraCut 3/8 .063[1.6mm]


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[Now called DuraCut] Oregon multi cut chain gives you a different option for those that want to try a chain that keeps it’s edge longer. However like most things in life there is a compromise.  All the range of oregon multi cut are based on their existing chains the only difference there is a thicker layer of industrial chrome on the top plate. The chain doesn’t look much different from ‘normal chain’ but it is more expensive.


“Just wanted to say thanks for the multi cut chain you sent me for the 346. I don’t like it very much, but my “brash monkey” [I get invoiced for brash monkeying, it’s his term] does. It seems to never get as sharp as a normal chain, not even close to a normal semi-chisel, but…. It does cut at that slower speed for so much longer. I reckon I sharpen the semi-chisel on my 550xp [also on 15″] twice before the multicut starts to slow down considerably. I prefer to take that time, sharpen up and go at it again, but he likes the fact that it will just keep cutting. It’s no different when hitting metal or stones ie. it still knackers the chain multi cut or otherwise.”


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