Eco-AO Auxillary Oiler Kit For Chainsaw Mills


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Secondary oiler kit that allows you to introduce oil onto the end of the bar direct to the cutting face. This can help keep the chain better lubricated at the expense of more weight. Depending on the oil used in the tank you may have to drill out the oiler bolt a little wider. Watch our videos on drilling the bar. The oiler kit is not essential – but it does help for smoother milling.

If you need a drill bit that will drill the bar easily find it by clicking here.


We now have uprated oiler bolts found here.

Customer Reviews

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Lawrence Saville
Relatively easy to install

Got the secondary oiler as part of the overall Economill package. Video instructions are very clear but I found I need an 8.2mm drill to give clearance for the thread on the oiler bolt. I also opened up the drip hole on the oiler bolt per the recommendation. Tad nervous about drilling into an expensive bar have to admit! Per the video and other comments, the bar metal is tough to drill so new or freshly sharpened bits are defo required.
I'm hoping the hole location, top or bottom of the bar, doesn't matter for when I flip the bar after chain sharpening as I don't fancy having to drill a 2nd hole!
In the video the oil pipe appears to be simply 'popped' onto the oiler bolt but I'm having to use the hose clip else oil leaks.
I have a 36" bar so not sure if actually needed but I'm erring on the side of over lubrication rather than running the chain and bar dry.
Don't forget to turn the tap ON at start up and OFF when not using! There is a residual amount of oil in the pipe (after turning the tap off) and this continues to run so beware.
I'm finding the tap connection itself it a bit leaky ? so don't leave oil in the reservoir when you pack up, empty any remaining oil out. Lesson learned.


Does exactly what it says on the tin, easy to set up and use. Only fault was I removed the filter on the tank filler as it was near on impossible to pour chain oil through. You will need a decent quality drill bit to drill the bar, the cheap Chineseium set you have just won’t do!

Stuart Whelan
Good Service and more

Good service, sell the right products. Nice explanatory videos. Quick refunds (when you stupidly buy the wrong thing duh). Overall would recommend

Kevin Rigler

Great service as usual

Mark Ashdown
All good

Good people

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