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To get the best performance out of your chainsaw, it is important to maintain your chainsaw’s guide bar. Oregon have a maintenance manual that can be downloaded by clicking the link below.

Oregon’s chainsaw maintenance guide

Video advisory

Bar maintenance & rim change
on the Husqvarna 390XP


Bar maintenance when changing a chain

Clean the bar groove out with a bar groove cleaner

I tend to clean the hardened sludge out of the bottom of the bar then blow it clean with a compressor to clean out the oil holes.

Click here for Oregon bar groove cleaner

sludge bar

Dressing the bar

Slowly the chain will start to make a track in the bar. If this gets larger it can damage the chain. This means faster bar damage which means faster chain damage and the problem escalates! When you take the bar off, dress the rails with a rail dresser. This will skim the rails and get them square, ready for the new chain to run on.

track in bar

square rails

oregon rail dresser

Grease the end sprocket

To grease the end sprocket, you will need a grease gun and pump.

Click here for the Oregon bar grease gun

greasing nose sprocket

Oiling the chain

Dip your new chain in bar oil and hang it up for a few minutes before fitting it. There is huge wear and friction in a chain that is fitted unoiled to a bar.

Turn the guide bar over

Guide bars wear faster on the cutting side so by rotating the bar you’ll get even wear and longer bar life.

oiling the chain

Fit chain to bar and tighten

Chain tension is a tricky thing to describe. As a rule of thumb when you pull the chain out, it should come out so the bottom of the drive link is touching the bar. When you let go it should snap back into place.

Video advisory

Run up the bar and chain

Stop and re tension. After doing some cutting stop and check tension again.

Click here to see our guide bar maintenance tools

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