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Loyalty Discount

Your new loyalty discounts will come into effect on 1 January 2020.

Rewards shouldn’t be just for Christmas, Black Friday and Bank Holidays. We want you to have great deals 365 days of the year!

To show our thanks for shopping with us, you will automatically receive a discount on the price you pay, depending on your total order value with us over the years. The more you shop, the higher the discount you will receive.

How Much Discount Will You Get?

To see the price you will pay, simply log into My account on the top left menu and the discounted prices will automatically show for you as you browse the website. The discount structure is as follows:

    • Purchase History Spend £300 – £999 receive 2% off


    • Purchase History Spend £1,000 – £2,999 receive 4% off


    • Purchase History Spend £3,000 – £5,999 receive 8% off


    Purchase History Spend £6,000+ receive 12% off

To qualify for the next tier discount, your purchase history must already reach the minimum spend of that tier. If your purchase history crosses over the minimum spend of the next tier in one transaction, you will receive the lower tier discount on that order. All future orders will receive the next tier up thereafter.

Discounts cannot be applied to products that are already discounted by Chainsawbars or to the postage tool.

Happy shopping!

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Orders for United States of America must be a minimum of $180.

For all UK orders from Monday 25th Sept there will be no longer be a minimum order but a flat rate of £4.95+vat will be charged to all orders.

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