3686-26RM Stihl Micro Chisel .325 .063[1.6mm]


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Micro chisel chain. For universal use. Excellent control and high cutting performance. Relatively easy to sharpen. Uses include felling, bucking, limbing and all sawing work in agriculture, construction and forestry.

Why use Micro Chisel chain – isn’t chisel chain faster? Yes chisel chain IS faster cutting BUT comes at a price – it will:

  • Dull faster due to the very small sharp working corner
  • It is harder to get exactly sharp as your sharpening technique has got to be good in order to replicate the precise corner geometry
  • Stay sharp time is reduced particularly in any gritty or very hard timer

Chisel chain is more designed for fast production cutting in softwoods – is that the work you are doing? If not then most of the time it is not for you.

If in doubt micro chisel chain or semi chisel chain is always the better bet – easier to sharpen, stays sharp for longer and modern micro chisel still cuts very rapidly.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Mark Smith
Sthil micro chisel

Good chain it cuts and goes round in a circle

Mark Codling
Chain saw chain

Great chains at a reasonable price. Delivered very quickly. What’s not to like .
Fitted to my MS261 used for coppice work so gets a beating lots of nasty dirt and stuff when cutting that close t9 he ground in thin multi stem hazel. Also used for processing wood for bowl blanks seems to rip ok as well .

Dan Maynard
Genuine Stihl chain

I use this on my ground saw because I believe it cuts virtually as quick as the RS full chisel but I hit nails, washing lines, stones, etc inside garden trees and it is very much quicker to sharpen.

stuart bowden

Cuts fast very efficiently


Best chain I have found for rough dirty wood

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