(P-325-058-FSR) Panther Full Skip Ripping Chain .325 .058[1.5mm]


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Specialised ripping chain from Panther this Full Skip chain has x1 extra gap between each pair of teeth. This helps keep chain speed higher when using a longer bar with a longer saw. This gives a smooth even feel to milling timber.


  • P stands for Panther
  • 325  = self explanatory – it is 325 chain
  • 058 = gauge of chain is .058[1.5mm]
  • FSR = Full Skip Ripping [as in Ripping Chain]


‘A skip chain has fewer cutting teeth than a conventional chain which means it won’t be dragging as many teeth through the wood you’re cutting. Less drag on the chain means less power is needed to cut through the log. That means the motor on your saw runs faster which keeps it in a more efficient power curve. It’s the same principle you use when downshifting a transmission in your truck to go up a steep grade. You get more power by increasing the engine speed. ‘ Steven Gregersen USA

Madsens have some great info on chains so check the differences by clicking here.


  • Milling is smoother and more forgiving
  • Longer bars can be used with smaller powerheads as the strain on the powerhead is reduced
  • Less teeth to sharpen


  • There are fewer teeth but correct sharpening procedure becomes even more important

‘Which is the best ripping chain – the Granberg? The Stihl RCX? or the….’

Horses for courses – there is no ‘best’ same as there is no ‘best’ car, or ‘best’ golf ball etc etc. There is only what’s best for you! So if in doubt – buy different brand chains and different makes and find out what works best for yourself.


Or why not buy a reel of chain [click here]  and our breaker and mender package [click here]




Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Stephen Kermath-Dunipace
1st class

From order to delivery, it was simple, fast and friendly.

Pierre Rawlins
Oak Planking

Great ripping chain. Have been using it to cut oak planks with great success. Would highly recommend

Sarah Morse
Great service, just what I needed.

I know nothing about chainsaws but wanted to get something specific for my husband as a Christmas gift. I emailed the folks at chainsawbars and got the info I needed and then they arranged for me to buy the exact products without me having to go search for them. Thank you! I’m happy, husband is happy. You guys have great service and great products!

William Preece

P-325-058-FSR Panther Full Skip Ripping Chain .325 .058[1.5mm]

Great quality chain

used the chain with the Granberg mini mill to mill oak beams, really impressed with the performance, loads of beams cut and the chain required minimum sharpening afterwards.

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