Panther chainsaw bars. Explore and shop the full range below.

We are the only suppliers of Panther guidebars for the smallest, lightest chainsaws in the world.


Panther Mini bars were specifically designed to run the game changing 1/4 .043 picco chain originally made by Stihl. Not only do they come in 8″/10″/12″/14″ for the Stihl MS150T, MS151T, MS150C-E, MS151C-E [+others if 1/4 drive sprocket fitted] they also come in 8″/10″/12″/14″ for the Husqvarna T525, 535i XP, T535i XP, 536Li XP, T536Li XP and Echo CS-2511WES and CS-2511TES.


Make sure your saw is fitted with a 1/4 drive sprocket. Panther mini bars are now being used for milling 20″ for both small Stihls and small Husky saws [as long as fitted with 1/4 drive sprocket]


Why choose Panther?

The Panther range of products have been created by experts in the field. With practical experience of the day to day frustrations from ease of use, rigidity, transportation, set up and ongoing maintenance, this valuable knowledge puts Panther in the best position to bring you the products to make your job easier with design that is ahead of the competition.

Stronger, stiffer bar

The Panther Bar is built with optimum strength and stiffness that prevents warping and lessens damage to the bar and chain.

Dedicated mounts

Panther recognize the issues with “one bar fits all”. There are currently three Panther Mini Bars suitable for Echo, Stihil and Husky chainsaws. Each bar has dedicated mounts for each of the manufacturers giving the bar a superior fit.

Smoothest, cleanest cut

The Panther Mini Bars have been designed so you can take full advantage of the Stihl 71-PM3 1/4 .043 chain, giving you the smoothest, cleanest cut with less strain on small top handled chainsaws.

Replacement chain availability

8″, 10″, 12″ and 14″ Panther Mini Bars take 50 drive links, 56, 64 and 72 respectively making replacement chains easier and cheaper to source.



August Hunicke even put one on his modified MS200T! [Definately not recommended!]

Husqvarna T525 carving bar compared to a Panther bar

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