21BPX Oregon Micro Chisel .325 .058[1.5mm]


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Oregon 21BPX Micro Chisel Cross Cut chain made in the USA.The low vibration, micro chisel cutters have small radius working corners for excellent performance and easier sharpening. Low kickback design with bumper drive links.

Lubri Tec keeps your guide bar and chain oiled for less friction and longer life. Blued cutters deliver high quality protection against corrosion. Top filing plate indicators makes accurate sharpening easier. Oregon uses its own OCS-01 steel for maximum durability.


Micro chisel chain. For universal use. Excellent control and high cutting performance. Relatively easy to sharpen. Uses include felling, bucking, limbing and all sawing work in agriculture, construction and forestry.

Why use Micro Chisel chain – isn’t chisel chain faster? Yes chisel chain IS faster cutting BUT comes at a price – it will:

  • Dull faster due to the very small sharp working corner
  • It is harder to get exactly sharp as your sharpening technique has got to be good in order to replicate the precise corner geometry
  • Stay sharp time is reduced particularly in any gritty or very hard timer

Chisel chain is more designed for fast production cutting in softwoods – is that the work you are doing? If not then most of the time it is not for you.

If in doubt micro chisel chain or semi chisel chain is always the better bet – easier to sharpen, stays sharp for longer and modern micro chisel still cuts very rapidly.

Customer Reviews

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Andrew Hockley
cuts well, lasts well

These chains are great. I found them tricky to sharpen well, so I don't bother now, I just buy a new chain. I mostly use this on a tiny Echo chainsaw for clearing up after felling, and find a chain lasts pretty much indefinitely for this. What kills the chain (almost instantly) is hitting something. But with care, these will last a very long time.

Tom Evans
Oregon chains

Good quality product with excellent service from Chainsawbars….

Great cut, great service

This semi chisel chain loads, runs, cuts and sharpens extremely well. It seemed less prone to stretching than the Husqvarna chain I use. The edge lasts very well. The service was great and I found the chain selector tool very reassuring to use, given the multiple options for chain these days.

George Hitchen
Great service

Not used chain yet , but I cannot fault the service I received , fantastic

Craig Payne
Great Service

As usual a a swift speedy process.

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