PMC Panther Mini Chain 1/4 .043


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First cameth the Panther Mini bars now cometh the Panther Mini chain! This ultra thin kerf chain works superbly on our Panther Mini bars. Additionally it also works well as a milling chain for our longer 20″ Panther Mini Bars and the Panther Cub Chainsaw Mill

Panther mini chain is a fast cutting chain that will fit both the Stihl Rollomatic E Mini bars and the Panther Mini bars. No compatibility issues. These chains are super fast and we now have bars in 8″/10″/12″/14″/20″ with Panther chains to fit.

NB: Stihl came up with the 3670-71PM3 1/4 picco .043 chain – some folks love the Panther Mini Chain – and a few have gone back to the Stihl. If in doubt or if cutting is not what you think it should be try each chain type and stick to what works for you. This chain is fiddly and it doesn’t take much for it to stop cutting well.


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1/4 pitch echo

Completely changes the saw, change it you won’t regret it


PMC Panther Mini Chain 1/4 .043

Pmc panther mini chain

Molto bene è favolosa...Grazie
Voi che olio usate per la catena?

Nice Chain

Nice chain for straight cuts. Just as bad as the Stihl version for carving curves with the bar in the cut, as doesn't leave enough clearance to get the bar to curve and stops cutting unless you raise and lower it. Holds the edge quite well though.

Very good!

Excellent communication and fast shipping. The products are excellent as expected in the shop

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