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Cannon (starts) H5/H6
GB (starts) UHL
Husqvarna (starts) 585-08
Oregon (ends) K095
Sugihara (starts BC2 or BC3)

[U1-NS] CCM-C1-24-50-3LM Cannon Carpenter Bar [3″/7.5cm Width] 24″[60cm] 3/8 Lo Pro .050 80 drive links


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Part Number CCM-C1-24-50-3LM
Weight 0.984g
Part Number CCM-C1-24-50-3LM Categories: ,
Cut speed

CAUTION – You will need a 3/8 lo pro drive rim/spur sprocket to run this bar – if you are unsure on how to check and change your drive sprocket then this bar is unlikely to be for you. To learn how to do this check our videos and Essential Info.

This bar will fit to smaller saws BUT you can easily break your chainsaw with incorrect use.

Made from formulated, cold rolled, annealed, heat treated, surface ground, and stress relieved steel. This provides the best possible characteristics of wear resistance, strength, durability, straightness and elasticity.

The Cannon SuperBar power plus profile maximizes cutting power and chain speed while reducing damage from loose chain.

A precision ground groove to within .002″ means straighter cuts. Each groove is individually centered for even rail wear and superior durability. This increases rail strength and reduces damage from pinches. Also, if the chain rides exactly square to the rail, the result is smoother and straighter cutting. Milling marks, commonly found in the competitions bars, are eliminated. Thus, the groove is tighter and sloppy chain travel occurs much less.

Cannon SuperBars have flame tempered rails that are hardened to 5 points more than the tie straps on the chain for much longer bar life. This hardening penetrates deep to allow for multiple bar repairs and rebuilds. With the chain running straight and true, the result is a faster and smoother cut.

Product Highlights

  • 3/8″ pitch .050″ gauge
  • 3/8″ low profile .050″ gauge
  • 3/8″pitch .063″ gauge
  • .404″pitch .063″ gauge
  • And the lengths are:  20″ and 24″

The unique features of the Carpenter Bars is that they have a very narrow profile and the bars have parallel rails; this means that the bottom of the cut is straight which is a big help when it comes to finishing and joining  lumber or logs together.

There are two sizes as well; one that cuts a 3″ top to bottom plunge cut hole and another that cuts a 4″ hole.

Also with the 3″ version, due to its very narrow profile it can be used for making curved cuts such as you might see over an arched door threshold in a log cabin.

‘Cannon bars are awesome. I wish I’d have brought this small one much sooner’  Samantha Possinger

‘Well – they always seem to last the longest. Cannon are the best. This one’s going on my Stihl MS201’ Ant Beetlestone

‘All round reliability’  Lorraine Botterill

‘I’m currently replacing all my bars for Cannon bars…in my opinion they’re the best’ Rolande Urwin


Additional information

Weight 0.984 g

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Please email or call us +44 (0)1590 681259 for sprockets for this chainsaw
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