AU-HS8463RQ-404-E031 Granberg Milling Kit 84″[213cm] GB Pro Bar Stihl 070, 075, 076, 08, 088, 090, MS880 .404 .063 222 drive links


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Complete milling kit – Mill up to 76″[192cm] Logs. This gives you everything you need apart from the chainsaw. Be sure to change your existing rim for the new rim that has been provided as it is not a good idea to use this expensive bar with an old drive rim!


    • G778-84 Revised Granberg Alaskan 84″[213cm] Mk IV Chainsaw Mill
    • HSSA84-63RQ 84″[212cm] GB Slotted Extra Long 8 Foot Bar
    • 2x 27RX Oregon Hyper Skip Ripping Chain .404 .063 222 Drive Links
    • FWK2 Full Winch Kit [New Mk II Version] – Can be Retro Fitted to Alaskan and Eco Style Mills
    • 8x Eco8 Eco 8″[20cm] General Purpose Wedge
    • G996 Granberg Additional Upright Handle
    • Eco-AO Auxillary Oiler Kit For Chainsaw Mills
    • Eco-84-T Eco Mill 84″[213cm] Control Tube Only [There will be x2 tubes in total in this kit]
    • 0881F Granberg Black Bracket [No Fittings]
    • 4x 0882F Clamping Boss and Bolts Fits New version Granberg End Bracket
    • 22270 Oregon .404 Rim 7-7 tooth



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