Stihl saws – no adapter required

050, 051, 070, 075
076, 08, 084, 090
088, MS880

Husqvarna saws – requires GB914 adapter found here.

2100, 2101, 3120XP


Info on Bar Maintenace can be found here and be sure to watch the video below. It is really worth looking in detail at how a guidebar should be used and maintained and you will get far more life and work out of it.


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[S5-NS] CAG2-SP2-50-50-3LLS Cannon Slotted Bar Panther Mills 50″[127cm] 3/8 Lo Pro .050 153 drive links


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Part Number CAG2-SP2-50-50-3LLS
Weight 5555g
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This listing is for the bar only.

Currently we only have the Cannon Bars for Panther Mills in 66″[same drive link count as GB 64″] and 50″ lo pro[same drive link count as GB 48″]. In 4 months we may an 86″ version as well. These have the slot and hole for fixing to the Panther mill as well as x2 oiler holes ready drilled for the Panther oiler kit!

Made from formulated, cold rolled, annealed, heat treated, surface ground, and stress relieved steel. This provides the best possible characteristics of wear resistance, strength, durability, straightness and elasticity.

The Cannon SuperBar power plus profile maximizes cutting power and chain speed while reducing damage from loose chain.

A precision ground groove to within .002″ means straighter cuts. Each groove is individually centered for even rail wear and superior durability. This increases rail strength and reduces damage from pinches. Also, if the chain rides exactly square to the rail, the result is smoother and straighter cutting. Milling marks, commonly found in the competitions bars, are eliminated. Thus, the groove is tighter and sloppy chain travel occurs much less.

Cannon SuperBars have flame tempered rails that are hardened to 5 points more than the tie straps on the chain for much longer bar life. This hardening penetrates deep to allow for multiple bar repairs and rebuilds. With the chain running straight and true, the result is a faster and smoother cut.

These bars are multi mount meaning they will fit direct to the large Stihl saws but they will require the adapter GB914 [click here to find this] to fit to the Husqvarna 3120XP.

Bars are slotted for Panther mills but this does not effect general use of cross cutting and non ripping sawing of timber.


CHECK the opposite chart for fitment and adapters – Husqvarna users you will require an GB914 adapater found here for this bar. Medium Stihl you will need GB1214 adapter found here. Large Stihl ie. MS880 users this bar fits direct to your saw – no adapter required. ALL will require a rim sprocket to run this lo pro milling kit – what’s that? Click here to ID your drive sprocket.

Fit your bar and chain and run in – [see picture 8 above for details] and don’t take short cuts – you want your new bar to last or not? 😉

GB extra thin bar designed to run Stihl 3614-63PMX. When entering the world of chainsaw milling the term ‘ripping chain’ can be a bewildering one. Plenty of info online and of course plenty of contradictions to muddy and confuse things. Really ripping chain is simply this – a micro or semi chisel chain filed to 10 degrees instead of the usual 30 degrees. That is it in a nutshell and it really is no more complicated than that as much as people like to say it’s a ‘special chain’. ALL filing principles stay the same EXCEPT for this 10 degree angle [and some people use 5 degrees, some use 15 degrees – why? The sharper the angle the more aggressive the cut but rougher the board – the shallower the angle the less aggressive the cut but the smoother the board].

  1. Starting to mill and not read our basic faq milling info? Click here straight away it’ll save you a lot of time and energy in the future.


Using a full chisel chain for ripping timber.
Have tried full chisel ripping timber and unless the timber is very soft ie. redwood soft, it seems to cause a lot of vibration. The manufacturers seem to agree on this point as all ripping chains are converted micro or semi chisel chain. So if you are going to adapt an existing chain don’t adapt a chisel style chain – yes you can make a chain into a ripping chain by making the angle 10 degrees.

Lo pro Ripping Chains

This is another potential internet rabbit hole to venture down only to emerge with more questions than you entered with 😉 But read below before buying/asking these questions.

Stihl 3614-PMX – this chain cuts beautifully out of the box to give a smooth and even board. Developed between Logosol and Stihl this chain is our favourite when it comes to milling timber on an oversize set up.

‘Special Picco longitudinal saw chain with narrow cut and high cutting performance, mainly for use in conjunction with longitudinal cutting devices as well as mobile small sawmills such as Logosol. This semi circular toothed chain is characterized by a low vibration level and soft cutting behaviour.’

Oregon 91R – Better suited for smaller milling rigs ie. 25″(61cm) and under. Depth gauges seem to be overly high to take as much of a ‘bite’ as the Stihl PMX chain.

‘Oregon 91R Low Profile Ripping Chains are specially designed for use with portable chainsaw mills and for all applications where cutting with the grain of the timber is required, rather than across it. Standard chassis and cutter parts are used, the cutter grinding angle is the only difference from standard chains.’

Granberg 3/8 lo pro – Granberg adapted ripping chain does work well however sometimes the adaptation to cutters can be fairly crude and it is more of a nuisance to sharpen.

Adapter scoring and clearing cutters enable a faster cut yet maintain a smooth cut face and smooth milling action’. Click here to see the Granberg Ripping Chains to find out more. But again it is not a wonderful chain that will solve all your slow milling issues – it is simply an adapter semi chisel chain.

Pros of lo pro ripping chain:

  • Takes a slightly narrower kerf (only 15% less than a 3/8 standard chain)
  • Used on a lot of mills as the best chain
  • Reduces strain on the powerhead
  • Increases milling speed by approx 20%

Cons of lo pro ripping:

  • Increased chain stretch even with Stihl PMX
  • More expensive
  • Chain has less strength than standard 3/8 and .404 – so hit something hard and there is more chance of chain breakage. Heavy handed operators will struggle as there is less margin for sharpening and milling errors
  • Less stay sharp ability than the larger chains – larger chains can take more punishment than lo pro chains

So in conclusion – lo pro milling increases milling speed and decreases kerf wastage however there is less margin for errors and as usual for all chainsaw milling your chain sharpening must be spot on. We use it on most of our set ups now.



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Weight 5555 g

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Niall Gardner
Cannon 50” Bar

Really good bar with panther chains, which made short work slabbing oak logs.
Superb after sales advice from chainsaw bars.

Nicolas Rouanne

Cannon Slotted Bar Panther Mills 50"[127cm] 3/8 Lo Pro .050 153 drive links [x2 FREE Chains and Lo Pro Drive Rim Worth £95+vat]

Robert Gooday

Cannon Slotted Bar Panther Mills 50"[127cm] 3/8 Lo Pro .050 153 drive links [x2 FREE Chains and Lo Pro Drive Rim Worth £95+vat]

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