PM60-GB64 Panther Horizon Heavy Chainsaw Mill 60″[155cm] WITH GB 64″[163cm] Milling Bar .404 .063 180 drive links


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If you are serious about getting into chainsaw milling please read the following description – click on the various links [they are all relevant and they will answer a lot of your questions]. Chainsaw milling is a discipline in itself and it will take months if not years to really begin to master it. Our Panther chainsaw mill has been designed and built by Loglogic [click to find them here – BUT please do not call them for advice or sales – they ONLY sell through retailers]. Loglogic are a bespoke engineering firm that make various custom machines [mainly their all terrain Soft traks] and together with Chainsawbars the Panther Chainsaw Mills are the result. Using input from chainsaw millers with more than 10 years experience to create a mill for chainsaw millers by chainsaw millers. We didn’t develop these mills in order to make clones or similar style mills to what was already out there or what you could pick up cheaply on ebay – because what would be the point of that? We developed them to improve the design, the look, the performance and the ease of use.


Something to be aware of – we are ALWAYS making tweaks and improvements to the design. You may find the mill you receive may not be exactly and precisely what the instructions denote. It is pretty much impossible to keep everything up to date as we are constantly looking to improve the mill itself and rather than waiting – we just do it!

The mill arrives semi assembled – getting a bag of nuts and bolts may make our lives easier – but it makes yours harder. Hence the mill you get will have as much pre assembly completed as possible so that you spend the least time putting it together.



This is a question to be directed at yourself – we have the mills but only you know what your largest saw is, what wood you have to cut, whether you may want to put a smaller bar on your mill for future. If this is a question you are asking then you MUST read this article here


You can find all the above and more here on the main Panther Milling Page – have a click around and see what’s on offer.


PM42-GB30 Comes with a 30″[76cm] GB Lo Pro Bar running Panther Lo Pro Ripping Chain and Lo Pro drive rim – max cutting width 22″[56cm]

PM42-GB36 Comes with a 36″[91cm] GB Lo Pro Bar running Panther Lo Pro Ripping Chain and Lo Pro drive rim – max cutting width 28″[71cm]

PM42-GB42 Comes with a 42″[107cm] GB Lo Pro Bar running Panther Lo Pro Ripping Chain and Lo Pro drive rim – max cutting width 34″[85cm]

PM48-GB48 Comes with a 48″[122cm] GB Lo Pro Bar running Panther Lo Pro Ripping Chain and Lo Pro drive rim – max cutting width 40″[102cm]

PM60-GB54 Comes with a 54″[137cm] GB Extra Long Bar running Panther 404 Full Skip Ripping Chain – max cutting width 46″[117cm]

PM60-GB64 Comes with a 64″[163cm] GB Extra Long Bar running Panther 404 Hyperskip Ripping Chain – max cutting width 56″[142cm]

PM70-GB74 Comes with a 74″[188cm] GB Extra Long Bar running Panther 404 Hyperskip Ripping Chain -max cutting width 66″[168cm]

PM80-GB84 Comes with a 84″[213cm] GB Extra Long Bar running Panther 404 Hyperskip Ripping Chain – max cutting width 76″[193cm]


Question – Can I fit a Panther Mill to my existing saw? Can I buy a larger model in case I want to fit to a larger saw in the future? Can I extend the mill later if I want to?


The Answers are 1) Yes you’ll have to drill x2 holes in the bar find Panther Bare Mills without bar and chain by clicking here  2) Yes you can always fit a larger Panther Mill to a smaller bar. One method as below. 2nd method is more sophisticated – buy an Panther Additional Central Bracket Assembly found and demoed here.3) Yes you can extend the mill at a later date but really you are better off using a longer mill on a smaller bar to start with as extending a mill is more expensive further down the line [but it can be down].

How much milling width do I get on may chainsaw? Easy – take your chainsaw and knock off 8″[or 20cm] and this is what you will mill maximum width.





New Monster Double Ended Panther Milling Kits can now be found by clicking here!

These beefy kits give you all you need and are also made of the the larger and stronger 45mm profile material.


Designed by chainsaw millers for chainsaw millers.

Re designed from the ground up – most other chainsaw mills are copied from existing designs – the Panther Mill has been re designed from scratch.

Height adjustment is tool less and fast – in fact it is the fastest compared with any other mill on the market. Simply rotate the round handle to adjust how deep the mill will cut. No need to hold a spanner in one hand while trying to adjust the mill with the other.

Attachment is the quickest of any chainsaw mill – easily bolt and unbolt your mill to your chainsaw.

Attachment to the saw is bolted not clamped – the saw can never slip in the mill.

What do you actually get for your $$

Parts that control the size of the mill:

  • HSS64-63RQ 64″[162cm] GB Slotted Extra Long 5 Foot Bar [Stihl+Husqvarna] .404 .063 180 drive links
  • P-60 Panther 60″[150cm] Profiles and Control Tube [45mm Profile]
  • 1x P-404-FSR-180 Hyper Skip Ripping Chain .404 .063 180 drive links
  • 1x P-404-HSR-180 Hyper Skip Ripping Chain .404 .063 180 drive links


Generic Parts for all Large Panther Mills

  • PW-MkIII-FK Panther Mk III Winch [FULL KIT]
  • CL-PN Complete Panther Upright Nose End [Large 45mm Profile Mills]
  • FCH001C Panther Mill Spare Cross Brace [45mm PM60/70/80/90]
  • P-CBMT-L Panther Cross Brace With Tools and Magnets [Large 45mm Profile]
  • P-CBHL Panther Cross Brace With Handle [Large 45mm Profile]
  • P-LBBA Panther Black Bracket Assembly [Large 45mm Profile]
  • PM-LAK Panther Mill LARGE Accessories Kit
  • CL-PT Complete Panther Upright Thrust/Skid End


The mill is designed to be used with special GB Lo Pro milling bars which are thinner and narrower than existing chainsaw bars for a faster, cleaner cut.

Panther Mills automatically come with a full winch set up to make milling 80% easier than pushing by hand [this is now the new lighter custom Panther winch].

There is a dedicated Panther First Cut System to ensure your first cut is table top flat. This first cut system can be extended and widened indefinitely. It is the best on the market today.

In the long term additional functionality will be built into the Panther Mill that currently does not exist anywhere else – but you’ll have to watch this space to see!


PM-30, PM-36, PM-42

Fits direct to Stihl saws

044, 046, MS440, MS460 (PM-30 and PM-36 only)
MS441, MS461 (PM-30 and PM-36 only)
065, MS650, MS651
064, MS640, MS641
066, MS660, MS661

Fits with an adapter here > GB912 to Husky saws as below
61, 64, 65, 66, 70, 77, 160, 162 (PM-30 and PM-36 only)
163, 180, 181, 185, 260, 263, 266 (PM-30 and PM-36 only)
268, 272 (PM-30 and PM-36 only)
280, 281, 285, 288, 298
365, 365XP, 371, 372XP, 380, 385XP
390XP, 394XP, 395XP,
572XP, 572XPG, 575XP, 576XP, 585, 592XP


PM-48, PM-60, PM80, PM90, PM100 [Remember you can fit a larger mill to a smaller saw so if thinking of getting a larger setup later go larger now on the mill]

Fits direct to Stihl saws
084, 08, 088, 075, 076, 070, 090, MS880, MS881

Fits with an adapter here > GB1214 to Stihl saws

[We don’t advise fitting longer than 48″ lo pro to below]

044, 046, MS440, MS460
MS441, MS461
065, MS650, MS651
064, MS640, MS641
066, MS660, MS661

Fits with an adapter here > GB914 to Husky saws as below

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
David Tucker
Excellent Service & Excellent bit of kit

I needed a mill to deal with some 54" Oak. This size of tree was considerably larger than I would normally deal with and wouldn't fit on my mill as they were. I had been reluctant as I really didn't think that a chainsaw mill would produce the quality of cut I required, having said this I purchased the mill as I had no option unless I wanted to spend tens of thousands on a new bandsaw mill, Laurence was very helpful in the selection process, and the mill arrived in two days with everything I needed to get milling. Yes you could use a ladder for the first cut, but i would also recommend the panther first cut system it is built to do the job and on it's first time out 20mins setup to get spot on and i was milling the the oak. The first slap was off in about 10 mins cutting time and the result amazed me it was easily as good as my thin kerf bandsaw.
Power head I used was husky 3120XP as previous reviews the pulley system is excellent and can be a one man operation although definitely easier with two as the saw plus mill is heavy-ish after the first cut when loading.
Absolutely recommend this mill for handling the larger trees and results are excellent - follow the guidance new sprocket + bar + keep chain sharp.
I am looking forward to reviewing the intersect saw as well shortly. The kit is well built not over engineered but very sturdy, well worth the money, Once again thank you Laurence for the excellent service
Finally one days work to despatch the 54" tree into slaps and loaded on trailer with two men.

Adrian Lawrence
Cracking bit of kit

I’ve had an Alaska saw mill (80ish cm cut width) for many years but wanted something to deal with wider trunks, and following the last few storms had need of 120cm milling capacity, so took the plunge and purchased the 64” Panther and rail. Works great and pretty straightforward to put together. No issues in recommending it.
With a ms881 on it’s not light, so I like to to use the first cut rails on each cut as it gives me a run on and off area, what I’d love is for the winch pulley to have a slight redesign so you could pop it in the end of the rail if you wanted to, as well as knocking it into the end of the timber you’re cutting. Definitely not a deal breaker just, maybe a future upgrade?
The depth adjustment is a godsend compared to the the Alaska and I’m looking forward to trying the vertical mill shortly as I need some substantial beams for a garage…

Nicholas Elwes

Loving my new panther mill it is very easy to set up and produces some stunning planks

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