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    Don’t Wait! At first I wasn’t so sure the winch was something that I needed or had to have. Based off my experience with a sharp chain and a big enough power head it takes minimal effort to slab out a log. Well I decided to pull the trigger on the winch and give it a go, first time using it, it was a game changer. 0 effort, smoother cuts, and allows me to use the same chain longer due to the fact that I’m not pushing through a dull chain using all my energy. Save that for moving slabs! Pick it up you’ll be happy you did. Rated 5 out of 5

    Kyle.pikulawoodworks (verified owner)

    If you are skeptical about the new wench, if it is worth the $100 price? The answer is absolutely yes. I milled 5 slabs off a FL Pecan, 2.5”x35”x111”. This hard wood took ruffley 9-11mins each cut, with my 395XP. I was pretty gassed after each! I purchased the wench and used it for the last two slabs. I was shocked at the difference. The mechanical advantage is incredible! You literally only have to hold the throttle, and turn the wench handle! No pushing. You can easily turn the power head out, or around and unstraight edges, by holding the power head back slightly, and allow the wench to pull the bar tip further forward. Which allows the guide plates at the power head, to turn out, and around the edge. I’m mad I waited this long to purchase it. You can get the wench for the money, or save it for your doctors co-pay, when you hurt your back! Just sayin! Well worth it! Great product! Thank you Grandberg! Cut Big! Rated 5 out of 5

    John V (verified owner)

    Don’t mill anything without this. Last year I spent two weeks milling a few big trees, and my arms and shoulders were sorer than doing 1000 squats followed by 1000 lunges. Today I milled up a 34″ diameter x 10ft maple log, and I’m ready to work again tomorrow. Great product. The updates and revisions are well executed. Rated 5 out of 5

G478 New Style Full Granberg Winch Kit


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Description: The Alaskan Winch® System is a hand winch for the Alaskan Mill. The increased mechanical advantage of this tool makes milling easier and the cut smoother. It also has a unique lever arm anchor system that allows you to cut right to the end of the log. This light weight design attaches easily to the cross rails and is incredibly strong and durable.


NEW UPDATE TO ALASKAN WINCH, INCLUDED WITH ALL NEW WINCH ORDERS! In keeping with our tradition of innovation we have introduced a ‘friction screw’ to prevent winch from unspooling when not in use. The Alaskan Winch® System includes the Winch, 38ft of rope and the lever arm anchor system. Enables user to cut up to a 18 foot log!


Customer Reviews

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James Orrewing

G478 New Style Full Granberg Winch Kit

William Flower

If you are milling anything bigger then 20 inches You would be daft not to get one


Wish I got one sooner. Save your back, get it now

Neil Turner

Great product

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