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Fits the following chainsaws:

ECHO [BUT remember you need a 1/4 drive sprocket fitted]


CS-2511 WES, CS2511 TES, CS280 WES, CS280 TES, CS281 TES, CS281 WES, CS361 WES, CS 362 WES, CS361 TES, CS 362 TES, CS 355T


[BAR]12″[30cm] Panther Mini Echo 1/4 .043 64 drive links


Out of Stock

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Part Number E0/E1-M0/M1-12-Mini Part Number E0/E1-M0/M1-12-Mini Categories: ,
Cut speed


New Panther Mini Range which will eventually include 8″/10″/12″/14″/16″/18″/20″ versions for Stihl/Husky/Echo/Makita [and likely others but you need to sniff out a 1/4 drive sprocket].

Rebranded, re built from a new manufacturer – and we got new Panther Mini Chains to run on these [which will include some skip link versions for 16″/18″/20″ yep you heard that right].

These new style bars are re branded [check out the pics], re built, re part numbered, re packaged to make it easier to ID.

For example: E0/E1+M0/M1-16-Mini is the part number and it does what it says on the tin – E0/E1 means Echo Group 0 and Group 1 saws. M0/M1 means Makita Group 0 and Group 1 saws. 16 = 16″. Mini stands for Panther Mini. I know it’s a shock to have part numbers that actually help the customer but why not!

Packaging – it’ll tell you on the back of the sleeve what it fits – it’ll also tell you part numbers of 1/4 drive sprockets should you need one.

And we will have new Panther Mini Chain to run on these bars – we have committed to a rather large amount of Panther Mini products [cause we get tired of running out of stock all the time!]

The original 1/4 .043 picco chain was the Stihl 3670-71PM3 and this chain was ground breaking in it being the smoothest, thinnest and cleanest cutting chain on the market. There are now variations on this chain from other suppliers and all give the smoothest and most controlled cut you can get with a chainsaw. Panther mini bars with Panther mini chain allow you to take full advantage of this technology on the widest range of bars to be found anywhere – no one else carrys this range in the world.


For Husky 535i, T535i, 536Li, T536i, 540i, T540i 1/4 sprocket click here

For Echo CS-2511WES, Echo CS-2511TES 1/4 sprocket click here

For Echo CS-2500T 1/4 sprocket click here

For Makita XCU03, XCU04, XCU06, DUC303, DUC353, DUC254s, DUC256s, DUC305s, DUC306s, Dolmar AS-1925, AS-3626 click here


Hey these 1/4 Sprockets don’t fit my saw – do you have any others?

Ans: I expect so – type the saw model and 1/4 sprocket into the top of the website – it may bring one up for you.




Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Henry McDonnell
Great service

Always super helpful and very fast delivery - only company i use for all my chainsaw bars,chains and files

Not impressed

Unfortunately I have to write a bad review on these bars. I have had 3 nose sprockets fail in a year or so. The nose sprocket is not up to standard on these bars. I run a sharp chain and good drive sprocket all the time and dress the bar when needed but the nose just fails. I also dont belive its the way i am cutting as i have a 1/4 0.43 stihl bar that i also run on the same saw and it has lasted for 2 years.

Real shame as id like to support panther but i cant support this product sorry

Dorian LAVES
Super guide !

Guide bien meilleur que celui d'origine grâce à sa roulette en nez de guide.

James Sorrie
Panther bar 12” echo 2511 disappointed

I used to really rate these bars, being a huge advocate for them, having bought loads of them and recommending them to a bunch of mates. Sadly it seems with the new manufacturing and the change in looks, the quality has gone way down hill. Seems I’m not the only one but I’m having to replace bars with disintegrated nose sprockets a couple of times a month when I used to get over a year out of a bar and generally only had to replace them when they got damaged due to works. Really disappointed as it makes my favourite saw pretty unusable economically. Have tried the sugi bar and chain but it never cut as well as the panther set up with a stihl chain. Unsure what to do. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Chainsaw bars service has always been great, so don’t want to bash these guys but really gutted about the new panther bars.

Sean Burrows
Panther bar 12”

Love this conversion kit, cuts fast and smooth. Thanks

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