Woodchuck Dual. The strongest and best build log rolling and positioning tool on the market made from thick aluminium. Tough yet lightweight.



WCT04 Woodchuck Dual

£98.00 + VAT

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Which Woodchuck is for you?

  • Woodchuck Dual is a great tool for taking from job to job, the Timberjack we found to be a better tool for the yard, the TimberPro is brand new! We are not sure yet…

Have a look on ebay and Amazon – you will find a host of log rolling tools – most of which are cheaper than these. If you had one of each in your hand you would see why there is a price difference. The Woodchuck Tools are made in the USA by Tom Hoff who takes pride in what he does [he even asked us to take a video down as he felt we did not represent the tool correctly in it!]/

The bar is thick Aluminium tube, the fittings all painted steel and all of the very highest quality. There is a LIFETIME warranty on the Woodchuck tools – if you want the best then you just found it!


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