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Fits the following chainsaws:

STIHL [BUT remember you need a 1/4 drive sprocket fitted]


HT103, HT133, MS150, MS150C-E, MS150T, MS151, MS151C-E, MS151T, MSA120C-B, MSA140C-B, MSA160C-B, MSA200C-B, MSA160, MSA160T, MSA161C-B, MSA161T [1/4 drive sprocket comes as standard on these saws]

009, 010, 011, 012, 017, MS170, MS171, 018, MS180, MS181, 019, MS190, MS191, MS192, MS193, MS194, 020, MS200, MS201, 021, 022, MS210, MS211, 019T, MS190T, MS191T, MS192T, MS193T, MS194T, 020T, MS200T, MS201T, HT70, HT75, HT100, HT101, HT130, HT131, E140, E160, E180, MSE140, MSE141, MSE160, MSE160, MSE180, MSE190, MSE200, MSE210, MSE230 [1/4 DOES NOT come as standard on these saws – you’ll have to buy one and change the drive sprocket to 1/4].


Cannon bar code (starts) S5
GB bar code (starts) SW12
Oregon bar code (ends) A074
Stihl bar code (starts) 3005
Sugihara bar code (starts) SL2


[STIHL0] 30050083403 Stihl Rollamatic E Mini 10″[25cm] 1/4 .043 56 drive links


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Part Number 30050083403
Weight 245g
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Mini stands for mini chain or .043[1.1mm] chain. New lightweight bar 25% lighter than comparable bars and comes in both 3/8 picco [lo pro] or 1/4 with the difference being it is running .043 [1.1mm] chain rather than the standard .050[1.3mm]. This gives a narrower faster cut. If you are running the 1/4 .043 chain ensure you have a 1/4 drive sprocket.

The combination of this particularly narrow guide bar with the 1/4″ Picco chain (designed especially for cordless chainsaws and the MS 150/MS150T/MS151/MS151T and other Stihl battery saws and pole saws), offers considerable savings in weight coupled with improved cutting performance. Like all STIHL guide bars, it is made of high-grade chrome molybdenum steel.

Also check out the Pather Mini Bars [only in 1/4 .043] which are a little stiffer than this Stihl bar but still carry the same thin cutting 1/4 .043 picco chains.


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Weight 245 g

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