PM-BH Panther Brackets and Hardware Only [Expected 20th December]

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Brand new to the market the Panther Intersect Chainsaw Mill

This is the end brackets, support dog and strap and x12 fixing screws.

  • x10 PM-12MM-40S 1st Cut System M8mm Bolt [12mm Long], Large Slot Nut


It has taken sometime to develop this mill but now we have it here it will be groundbreaking in terms of what you can do with it.

  • Fully light and portable – still uses the log as a reference point
  • Runs on smooth bearings that allow no movement of the mill – all you do is push
  • Incredibly accurate milling with only 40% effort required of conventional chainsaw mills
  • Utilises Panther first cut system
  • Rotates from vertical to horizontal – allows log to be milled without moving any planks

Watch this space because we will be using longer bars on this mill [up to 30″] as well as using it for re sawing timber and possible even levelling dry boards ready for planing – it’s all happening!


This is unit only – you will need rails to run it on click here.







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