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Welcome to the Panther Intersect Chainsaw Mill. It’s the most versatile chainsaw mill in the world but you will have to apply yourself in order to understand why and how it is. Watch the videos attached and understand how it works and you you can then apply it to your own way of working. If possible try and think out of the box – this is not a mill that does A,B and C. It’s a mill that once you understand how it works you then apply it to your own working practice.

It runs on the Panther 1st Cut system [STANDARD width]. That was always the idea – make things modular – make it so you can use one set up for x2 things. So not only does the Panther 1st Cut System allow you to get the first cut flat on the Horizon set up – it is used for the Panther Intersect as well.

What is it good for? It’s really good for doing trees where the bar is smaller than the diameter ie. you can do a 4ft tree with a 30″[76cm] bar [please watched the attached videos].

It’s really good for squaring timber and making posts.

It’s not so good for cutting bendy logs OR if you want to have planks that have waney edges on each side. Because no mill will do everything well… this is the weakness of this mill. If you are asking how come? you haven’t watched all the vids!


Some hard facts! We have used this mill using up to a 30″ guidebar. Will it take longer? Can I put a 36″ bar on? Yes you can BUT if your set up is not cutting correctly – it will likely not work. So yes you can if your equipment is properly handled and maintained. If not the cut will be hard work, the bar will get hot, the cut will waver. Where the mill bolts to the bar has a good surface area and provides really good support.

Cutting vertically some customers have put longer bars on this mill with success – however we recommend a maximum of 30″[76cm].

If you want to quickly buy a mill for strapping on your saw as you have a tree available this weekend – this is not the mill for you. You’ll get frustrated with trying to use it. This mill is for customers who are looking to invest their time and attention as well as their ££. And for that they will be rewarded.


It has taken sometime to develop and sort production now we have it here it will be groundbreaking in terms of what you can do with it.

  • Fully light and portable – still uses the log as a reference point
  • Runs on smooth bearings that allow no movement of the mill – all you do is push
  • Incredibly accurate milling with only 40% effort required of conventional chainsaw mills
  • Utilises Panther first cut system
  • Rotates from vertical to horizontal – allows log to be milled without moving any planks

Watch this space because we will be using longer bars on this mill [up to 30″] as well as using it for re sawing timber and possible even levelling dry boards ready for planing – it’s all happening!




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