ECO-AO-P Panther Auxillary Oiler Kit For Panther Chainsaw Mills


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Secondary oiler kit that allows you to introduce oil onto the end of the bar direct to the cutting face. This can help keep the chain better lubricated at the expense of more weight. Depending on the oil used in the tank you may have to drill out the oiler bolt a little wider. Watch our videos on drilling the bar. The oiler kit is not essential – but it does help for smoother milling. This oiler kit has a different bracket to the standard oiler kit so it clips to a magnet on the rail making it much more user friendly to take on and off the mill.

What you get:

  • Eco-AO Auxillary Oiler Kit For Chainsaw Mills
  • CM047 Panther Aux Oiler Bracket
  • FCH0136T Large T Nut M8 [45mm Large 45mm Mills]
  • FCH0135T Small T Nit M8 [30mm Small 30mm Mills]
  • MF Large Tool Magnet and Fittings


If you need a drill bit that will drill the bar easily find it by clicking here.



Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Hat alles super geklappt, Danke euch

Mircea Staicu

You rarely get a chance to talk to the head honcho of an organisation while you try to decide which items would work best for your applications, but Rob did, he held my hand and guided me through all my questions. The result? A perfect product that works wonders with our current power head. If you don't believe me you're more than welcomed to start a conversation with the chainsawbars contact and be blown away by the wealth of knowledge

Norman Forster
Simple, effective insurance policy.

After being encouraged to consider a Auxiliary Oiler for my Panther 48 Mill set up, I ordered one. Very straightforward to install, infinite adjustment on oil flow.
Rob at Chainsawbars is relentlessly supportive and helpful - great since I’m new to milling, though not felling. The quality if the oiler is in the highly functional category, whereas his Oanther Mills are excellent feats of quality engineering. Since I don’t need quality engineering on an aux oiler, I still rate thus as a 5 since it’s highly effective!!

Andy Bissell
Aux oiler

Good quality. Thank you.

Danny Robinson
Panther Auxiliary Oiler

Great piece of kit, well engineered and with excellent digital tutorials to fit. Speedy service and support. Excellent all round!

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