AUXBOLT Auxillary Oiler Bolt Chainsaw Mills Improved Version


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Improved oiler bolt made from stainless steel with larger feed hole. Use with GB bars that have an ‘A’ in the part number [not any old ‘A’ but looking like HSSA, or SNHSA] as these bars already have the oiler holes drilled in the ideal place near the nose of the bar.


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Customer Reviews

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James de Havilland
Simple but effective with oil can to pump in the lube

Expecting a saw designed to oil a bar of up to 36in to lube a long 42in bar is asking too much. Add milling difficult timber, like mature ash, and you will find adding extra oil at the sprocket end really useful. I tried gravity feed to this oiling bolt but bar debris blocked the bolt hole. To get round this, I hooked up to an oil can via the feed hose and manually pumped in oil. This works really well. You will need to use washers to seat the bolt on some bars. Well worth the fiddling required.

Derek O’Connor
Aux. bolt oiler

Arrived quick, got me out of a problem and what would have been a US bar... defo Recommend!!

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