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Fits the following chainsaws:

HUSQVARNA [BUT remember you need a 1/4 drive sprocket fitted]


436Li, T535iXP, 535iXP, T536LiXP, 536LiXP, 536LiPT5, 536LiPX, 536LiP4, 530iPX, 530iPT5, 530iP4, T540i, 540i


12″[30cm] Panther Mini Conversion Kit [Bar+Chains+Sprocket] Husqvarna 535i XP, T535i XP, 536Li, T536Li XP, T540i XP 1/4 .043 64 drive links


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Part Number E12-D2-42K-CV-H-2xCH-KIT Part Number E12-D2-42K-CV-H-2xCH-KIT Categories: ,
Cut speed

Panther Mini bars were specifically designed to run the game changing 1/4 .043 picco chain originally made by Stihl. Not only do they come in 8″/10″/12″/14″ for the Stihl MS150T, MS151T, MS150C-E, MS151C-E [others if 1/4 drive sprocket fitted] they also come in 8″/10″/12″/14″ for the Husqvarna T525, 535i XP, T535i XP, 536Li XP, T536Li XP, T540i and Echo CS-2511WES and CS-2511TES. Make sure your saw is fitted with a 1/4 drive sprocket. No one else currently has the range of bars for the smallest lightest saws in the world as the Panther Brand. No one.

The original 1/4 .043 picco chain was the Stihl 3670-71PM3 and this chain was ground breaking in it being the smoothest, thinnest and cleanest cutting chain on the market. There are now variations on this chain from other suppliers and all give the smoothest and most controlled cut you can get with a chainsaw. Panther mini bars with Panther mini chain allow you to take full advantage of this technology on the widest range of bars to be found anywhere.


What you get:

  • 5795345-01 Husqvarna 1/4″ Sprocket for 535iXP, 536Li, 540i [Converts to 1/4 Drive]
  • E12-D2-42K-CV-1 12″[30cm] Panther Mini Husky T525, 536Li, T536Li XP 1/4 .043 64 drive links
  • 2x PMC Panther Mini Chain 1/4 .043 64 Drive Link Chain for 12″[30cm] Panther Mini Bars


For Husky 535i, T535i, 536Li, T536i, 540i, T540i 1/4 sprocket click here

For Echo CS-2511WES, Echo CS-2511TES 1/4 sprocket click here

For Echo DCS-2500T, DCS-2500 1/4 sprocket click here


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12"[30cm] Panther Mini Conversion Kit [Bar+Chains+Sprocket] Husqvarna 535i XP, T535i XP, 536Li, T536Li XP, T540i XP 1/4 .043 64 drive links

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