Loyalty discount

We want to reward customer loyalty so when you spend over a certain amount with us we will automatically give you the following discounts. You don’t have to do anything, the discounts are automatically applied to your account. The more you spend, the more you save!


Discount level 1
Spend £300+ & get 2% off all future purchases

Discount level 2
Spend £1000+ & get 4% off all future purchases

Discount level 3
Spend £3000
+ & get 8% off all future purchases

Discount level 4
Spend £6000
+ & get 12% off all future purchases


You can see your discount by looking at any product which will show the normal price crossed out and then ‘Your price’ underneath.

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Orders for United States of America must be a minimum of $120.

Please ensure your cart total exceeds this before checkout. We need to sell a certain value per order to cover shipping cost. Please try and group your orders together rather than little and often. Thanks from the Chainsawbars Team.