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Great product

I am so impressed with the Panther chains that I don’t plan to use any other products.

Good customer service

Sugihara bars

Got a couple sugihara bars. I’m a USA resident and was hesitant buying outside the US but these guys accepted the payment no problem and shipped my items the very next morning. I had my bars in no time. I was blown away on how fast something arrived in my doorstep from the UK. These guys are awesome. Answered my email questions the same day. Will definitely put another list together and buy from these folks again and again when needed. Thank you CBUK

not good

Where is the grease hole in the tip bearing not happy would not but another

Great support!!

The guys helped identify compatible components for my chainsaw

3639-26RS Stihl Chisel .325 .063[1.6mm]

A New Horizon

Great communication re delivery, and good clear instructions to aid assembly. A pleasing well designed product….and I haven’t even fired the saw up yet!

Awesome little bar.

Combined with A4S chain this is the best detail bar you can get for the CS2511 wesc without doubt.

Too quality item

Very helpful on the phone, great item.

21LGX Oregon Oregon Pro Chisel .325 .058[1.5mm]

Customer service is excellent

I had some difficulties and contacted them for advice. They put in a lot of time and effort helping me. Excellent service. Thank you v much.

G-325-050 Granberg Ripping .325 .050

208FK4 Tsumura Light Type 20″[50cm] 3/8 .063 72 drive links

Still 50cm bar

Superb. Lives up to expectation

I wish I could review it higher!

Firstly, the service from chainsaw bars on every order I’ve made has been excellent. Fast and Efficient, Its really impressive considering the current situation with mail order items. I get what I’ve ordered within two days, packaged well and all ready to go.

I’ve bought two of these bars for my husky T536Li, I’ve also got one on an old 200t.

The bars feel and cut great at first, but both bars have either warped or bent around the same time. The saw is oiling fine, the bar is clean and the chain isn’t the issue either. It’s frustrating to use as it makes using the top of the bar or going through slightly larger timber out of the question as the bar gets stuck in the wood. I honestly hope this is user error rather than the product because I love the concept of running 1/4 pitch and making more saws adaptable for pruning.

everything has worked perfectly, from ordering to assembly and use.


Fantastic company , best and easiest website on the internet

EcoV vertical mill

All good

Skip chain

It worked amazingly well, did not grab or kind of grind on the sprocket. I could run it a bit faster than the other 27RA chain. Fewer tips = less time sharpening.

27RX Oregon Hyper Skip Ripping Chain .404 .063[1.6mm]

Sugi 12” for top handle husky

Took just over the week to get to NI.

Ran it for a week or so now and tbh the sugi bar is holding out rightly. Now in comparison to other know brands I’m beginning to rate it highly. Fair enough we’re not out of the water yet and duration will tell the tale but so far no signs of immediate wear n tear. Running on a new chain n sprocket.
A notable feature is, although I rate stihl tangs highly, the bar Carries the oil well. Again in comparison to other branditos the latter is certainly more noticeable (however, I reiterate the stihl tang design.
Yeah, so powerful wee bar, pity about the t540, it does get the occasional throw away frustration.
Edit ###Any chance of a freebie with the good reviews ####

A good, rigid bar.

I purchased the Stihl Rollamatic bar for my Stihl MS 462 as I am starting to do some milling. As the bar is mostly solid, it is very rigid and has performed well milling the first couple of trunks I have done.

Just great!

Best customer service I’ve come across in quite a while. And the products are spot on as well, great, I’ll definitely order again. Thanks for the all the help and fast delivery.

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