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73RD Oregon Ripping 3/8 .058

Yes, it’s the ultimate Granberg mill

you get 4 x 90cm rails and the stuff to join them together. I cut 2 of them into about 30cm and 60cm parts. Now I can run the mill with up to 105cm bar or up to 120cm bar or up to 180cm double ended bar without the jig being unnecessary long.
I also added a pair of “AL-STQR Pair of Quick Release Clamps for New Style Granberg End Brackets”, that was a game changer. (This is my second Alaskan mill)

Chainsaw convertion

Made chainsaw safer and more useful.

Manpa eyeball bits

Top quality, top service from the lads ,have made a significant difference to my work….brilliant

Great product

As always, a great product and a great price, speedy dispatch, thanks

Great chain

The chain came very quickly. Works great. Great chain and great service.

This is a very clever design with replacable 8mm dia cutters

I do woodturning and used this cutter to put deep texture around the rim of a 12inch bowl. I like the effects it gives and looking forward to using it more

27RX Oregon Hyper Skip Ripping Chain .404 .063[1.6mm]

3670-71PM3 Stihl Micro Chisel 1/4 .043[1.1mm]

G778-48 Revised Granberg Alaskan 48″[122cm] Mk IV Chainsaw Mill – For Logs up to 46″[117cm][Expected Stock Date 20th Feb, 2021]

1/4” Panther bar for 201tc-m

Awesome product transformed the saw into a proper weapon.

7 hole

The only man for the job.
A prompt enough delivery to ni.
Priced well.
Sprocket wear on power match more effected by milling


Value for money good size great for marking out on chainsaw carving project’s. Disappointed when opened up the box to find there was only 11 crayons not 12 and 3 crayons with a good inch broken of and missing

Panther mill

Very presently surprised with the build quality and manufacturing, works grate too would highly recommend if your serious about milling.

M91VXL025R Oregon Lo Pro Multicut 3/8 Lo Pro .050 25ft Reel = 410 Drive Links [includes joiners and tie straps]

3661-13RMS Stihl Carving Micro Chisel 1/4 .050

Mini carving bit

Excellent little tool, I use this for carving detail with a 1/4″ rotary handle and its just perfect. Very aggressive tool so I recommend two hands on it

MP21-16 Manpa Crack Cutter 1"
Johnathon Whittaker
Crack cutter

Great little tool! Works best with a variable speed grinder though, on a fixed grinder the rotation can be a bit fast and hard to control. Highly recommend

Great service and advice given

Rob was really helpful, I contacted him using Watsapp, sent photos of my set up and he gave me the link to the bar I required. Will definitely come back for all my chainsaw requirements in the future.

KHPFW75 7.5″ K&H Wedge

Oregon ripping chain

Bought the 27R ripping chain and cutting superb and super fast delivery. Definitely purchase from you again.

Espada ligera y resistente

Super buena. Probada con dolmar 7910 en un gran eucalipto con tronco de 80 cm de diámetro, cortado a trozos con método de poda en altura. Entrá muy fácil en la madera. Merece la pena el precio a pagar

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