RR-DB Chainsaw Universal De Barker Tool


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NOTE: We will be getting Panther branded de barker tools in approx 6 weeks. They are the same tool as these but in black they will retail at £120-00 vat whereas these – the same tool are [Now] £80-00 vat. Chain is not included in the price. We have used these for a while and they work well – ensure you adjust the clearance on blades correctly as they can be set overly aggressive from the factory. Please read all the info first BEFORE you buy as otherwise you will not know what you are getting into! Do not buy now work it out later – take the time to read the below info first. Remember it mounts to the bar and will run .325 or 3/8 lo pro chain only. We have .325 .050 in cutterless chain only with no plans to get other sizes.

  1. This will mount on most saws – ideally between 30cc to 50cc but can be up to 65cc. Note on something like a 560XP you will quickly wear the splines out on the tool due to the excess power so be aware.
  2. All PPE associated with chainsaw use you will need to wear using this tool
  3. We will be getting Cannon debarker bars in for smaller saws in the future – but they will not be here until after 10th Nov 2020
  4. We have de barker bars for mid range Stihl and larger Husky saws which are in this de barker area [or will be added shortly]
  5. If you are using .325 then go for the cutter less chain
  6. You will need to drill your chainsaw bar to fit this tool
  7. Chain size – this is not straight forward due to varying bar sizes but a rule of thumb will be around x6 drive links longer than your existing chain. But you may have to experiment with chain size to get this right
  8. Comes with debarker spacer


De barker tool mounting instructions CLICK HERE




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