P-CUB Panther Cub [Naked Unit – No Bar/Chain] + 10mm TCT Drill Bit


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The Panther Cub is our entry level chainsaw mill for small saws. Don’t be taken in by it’s name as this little fellow still has teeth! Max cut width with a 20″ bar is 17″. It is the lightest and handiest of all the Panther mills. Buy as a naked unit to fit to your existing chainsaw [bar requires drilling] or buy one of the other kits available.

The Panther Cub utilises all components found on the larger Panther Mills so if at a later date you wish to extend you can do so easily and economically. Mill bolts securely and quickly to the bar. The 20″ GB Lo Pro bar is same double slotted bar as used by the Intersect Mill. As per all GB lo pro bars it gives a smooth, even fast clean cut. Check out the other options including our complete system with Zomax 6500 65cc saw and also for the lightest thinnest cutting chainsaw mill on the market the Husky 120 Mk II option with 20″ Panther Ultra lo pro bar.

Customer Reviews

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Great bit of kit

Just what I always needed a resaw mill and small branches

Ian Barrington
Brilliant tool in every respect

The Panther Cub has proven itself to be a great tool. Used for converting stems of ash and sycamore that were too big or too nice to convert to firewood, the Cub has enabled me to cut some wonderful boards cleanly and simply. The unit itself is easy to assemble, robust with very nicely machined / finished parts (you get what you pay for in this respect). Looks and is a professional piece of kit.

I built my own first cut system using some home-made brackets to support a ladder above the log. Once the first outer part of the log is removed, the Cub is easy to adjust and accurate in its cut. The boards are consistent in thickness along and across the board.

I run it with a Stihl MS660 and a 25" GB bar. The bar is slightly longer than the one normally specced (hence buying the naked unit), but it was mentioned in one of the videos that the Cub would take up to a 25" bar. I measured the logs I had carefully, and concluded the 25" would do the job dimensionally, which is does (but only just).

It's a joy opening each log up a board at a time revealing something different as you work through the log.

Overall very satisfied with the Cub. Ideal for my needs as a home user (albeit with forestry / wood cutting experience). Video of it in action here: https://www.instagram.com/p/CIduc8HF6Hn/

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