P-325-043-G-100FT Panther 325 Mini Chain .325 .043[1.1mm] 100ft Reel = 1840 Drive Links [Buy 1 Get 1 FREE]

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This is the Panther version of Oregon’s 80TXL and Husky SP21G. Bumper drive link.

Set up for both small Husky and Stihl saws – this small well made chain adds another complication to chain sizes! .325 .043 is not quite as small and thin as 1/4 .043 but not as large as 3/8 lo pro….

Oregon will also be doing kits where you get the .325 drive sprocket/bar/chain in one pack which at least makes it easier to get everything matched up!


Will it cut as thin as 1/4 .043? No… close but not as thin a kerf.

Will it cut as fast as 1/4 .043? Hmm.. not enough testing done yet.

Will it cut as smooth as 1/4 .043? No chance – there are less teeth.

Will it be a stronger set up than 1/4 .043? Yes – slightly thicker bar and sturdier chain.

Will it last longer and be easier to sharpen than 1/4 .043? Prob yes on both counts.



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Gianfranco Marini

Può essere sostituita con una 3/8 1,1mm da 0,43? Necessario cambiare la barra?

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