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Works off any 12v battery. Fast and accurate chain sharpening. Once familiarised very easy to use – clamps to the bar and gets all the teeth the same. Invaluable with a chainsaw mill. There is no perfect chainsaw chain sharpener out there but as it stands this has to be the best for sharpening your chain while it is still on the bar. We have both diamond stones and standard grinding stones – the diamond stones are the preferred option and you can buy here.

NOTE: With this grinder you get x1 of each 5/32″[4mm], 3/16″[4.8mm], 7/32″[5.5mm] BUT you WILL need more grinding stones [as they lose their shape fairly quickly]  or if you can reach deeper into your pockets the diamond stones click here.





‘So much better than filing freehand! Especially when filing a ripping chain, where you really want to be precise and get perfect sharpened teeth. This grinder will also help you get the filing done faster.’  Kim Etting

‘Fiddly, very noisy, terrible instructions. You will need some sort of power source – I had assumed it would plug into a 12V car socket, but it doesn’t. Maybe it draws too much current. Its more accurate than hand filing, but really don’t like it that much.’  Andrew Hockley

‘First sharpener had an eccentric shaft with several mm deviation. Replacement works well enough. The top rod benefits from a light coating of spray lube.’ Duncun Hoyle

‘Great wee gadget. Very easy to use and set up. Gives a good precise sharpen on the job. Fantastic!! Would highly recommend.’ Helen Macdonald

‘This is THE business for chain sharpening.’ Bob Saunders



Customer Reviews

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Danny Robinson
Granberg G1012XT Precision Grinder

Great bit of kit and brings chains back to life!

Peter Matkin
Granberg Grinder

I like a tool that takes the guessing out of what to do and this chainsaw grinder certainly does that, it is so easy to use once you have set it up and vey fast.

Hugh Greer
Granberg sharpener

Easy to use, set up time will improve with use, good site, will be back for a chainsaw mill!

Adam Brookes
Granberg Grinder what an awesome bit of kit

The Granberg Grinder makes short work of sharpening and becomes a breeze with getting a precision cut every time. Also arrived swiftly…excellent service.

Gary Harrison
Great product

Does what is advertised! Easy to use thanks to the videos, gives a factory sharp chain with little stress. Great service as always!

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