Echo DCS-2500T 10″ SUGIHARA Mini Kit [UK ONLY ignore pics of Panther Mini this is a Sugi Mini Kit!]


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Part Number DCS-2500T-10K Part Number DCS-2500T-10K Category:

NEW to the market the Echo DCS 2500T battery top handle chainsaw. Match this to out Panther Mini Bars to get the best performance out of this brilliant battery chainsaw. Read description and title for what you are buying.

What you get:

  • LCJQ-560 Echo 50.4V Battery Charger
  • 2x LBP-560-100 50.4V 2Ah Battery [UK ONLY NOT FOR EXPORT]
  • E0/E1+M0/M1-10-mini 10″ Panther Mini for Echo CS-2511 TES 1/4 .043 56 drive links
  • 3x PMC Panther Mini Chain 1/4 .043 56 Drive Links


Echo DCS-2500T [NAKED BODY ONLY NO BATTERY]  × 1 £326.00
*NEW VERSION* LBP-50-150 50.4V 2.3Ah GeForce Echo Battery [UK ONLY NOT FOR EXPORT]  × 2 £330.00
LCJQ-560 Echo 50.4V Battery Charger  × 1 £110.00
CM065 Panfaa Saw Dawgs Bumper Spike Echo 2511TES/2511WES/2500DCS/3510-ES Skeleton Version  × 1 £9.80
A4SMB EM1M-4K25-A 10″[25cm] Sugihara Mini Echo CS-2511 WES/CS-2511 TES 1/4 .042[1.1mm] 60 drive links × 1 £28.00
Sugihara Mini Chain 1/4 .043[1.1mm] 60 Drive Link Chain for 10″[25cm] Sugi Mini Bars × 56 £10.64
Sugihara Mini Chain 1/4 .043[1.1mm] 60 Drive Link Chain for 10″[25cm] Sugi Mini Bars × 56 £10.64
Sugihara Mini Chain 1/4 .043[1.1mm] 60 Drive Link Chain for 10″[25cm] Sugi Mini Bars × 56 £10.64
Subtotal £835.72


This model weighs 1.6kg, with a 50.4V rated voltage, the saw is both highly maneuverable and usable for long periods with little fatigue.

Other features include:

  • Air Filter Design – Prevents dust from entering main board and motor.
  • Translucent Chain Oil Tank – For easy level checks.
  • Side Access Chain Tensioner – Allows quick chain adjustment. Dropout prevention nuts mean they can’t be lost during maintenance.
  • Tool-less Oil Cap – For easy refilling even when wearing gloves.
  • Rapid Charger – Quick charging time reduces downtime.
  • Battery Warranty – ECHO 50V batteries come with a two year warranty.
  • Professional Warranty – ECHO power tools come with a two year warranty in professional use (registration of ECHO products and servicing are necessary to validate the warranty).


  • Rated Voltage – 50.4V
  • Dry Weight – 1.6kg
  • Chain Oil Tank Capacity – 0.12 Litres
  • Saw Chain Pitch – 1/4” [we only supply as 1/4″]
  • Bar Length – 8“-14”
  • Guide Bar Gauge – 0.0432
  • Run Time (with 2Ah battery) – up to 18 mins
  • Charge Time – 42 mins
  • 50V Lithium Ion 2Ah Battery – Small and lightweight but with enough power to tackle tough jobs. Fits other ECHO 50V battery products.
  • Brushless Motor – Long lasting and maintenance-free, due to non-wearing parts – Reduces downtime and servicing costs.
  • Energy Efficient Motor Controls – Manages motor speed, power delivery and battery temperature for improved cutting performance and battery life.
  • Patented Quick Draw Harness Ring – Hook and unhook your chainsaw with one movement.
  • Drop Prevention Lanyard Hook – For ultimate off-ground safety.


Review of the Echo 2500T by BigTreeDon on Arbtalk [click the below pic]

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Believe The Hype

Well, well, well.

Delivery in less than 24hrs, impressive. The saw, took it out to work today and it's as good as everyone says. Lighter than the Stihl, cuts fast and hard. Great bloody saw!

Iain Palmer

Echo DCS-2500T 10" Panther Mini Kit [UK ONLY]

impressive power to weight for a cordless top handle

Bought along with several other chains and bits. Good customer service in responding to my questions. Most importantly this saw is great for light thinning and reductions, cutting upto 4 or 5 inch regular cuts, it is a choice saw. Today a large ash it performed well. Last week, we used it on aan ash take down, and at a push we cut through a few 8-10inch stems, although slow, it can do that if it has to! Recomended as a smaller lighter alternative to the t540i. Light weight & no fumes is a winner!

Oliver Harding
Echo DCS 2500

Very prompt delivery! Very happy with saw and bar chain combo will definitely recommend.

Echo DCS 2500T

Quick to dispatch, happy with Saw, batteries, charger, panther bar & chain. Great investment & glad I made the step over to battery powered saws. Customer service is sound, I WhatsApp’d on Fri eve regarding dog teeth for the saw & I got a response that Fri evening. Will be using again!

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