CM00-LV Panther Adjustable Levelling Support


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New M10 levelling set up. With this kit you can attach to any part of the first cut system side rails and then adjust it [using an M8 Allen Key] to push the rail up at that point. If fixed to the log there is no issue of it vibrating up and down [but do not run the saw into the fixings for this!]


What you get:

  • 1x CM008W Spring Washer M8
  • 1x FCH0135 Large Slide Nut M8
  • 1x DROP IN Large Springed Slot Nut M8 [45mm Large Mills]
  • 1x FCH0125-M10T Large Corner Bracket M10 Tapped One Side for Fine Leveling
  • 2x S-M10 M10 Stainess Nut [Used in Adjustable Leveling Kit]
  • 1x CH-M10-75 M10 75mm Caphead Bolt for Adjustable First Cut Levelling System
  • 1x CH-M10-100 M10 100mm Caphead Bolt for Adjustable First Cut Leveling System
  • 1x M820 Screw M8x20mm Hex S316
  • FCH0125AB Large Twisty Drop In Twisty Nut


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