CM00-LV Panther Adjustable Levelling Support


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New M10 levelling set up. With this kit you can attach to any part of the first cut system side rails and then adjust it [using an M8 Allen Key] to push the rail up at that point. M10 plate can be attached to the foot and this can be fixed to the log in order to give full control of support either up or down. If fixed to the log there is no issue of it vibrating up and down [but do not run the saw into the fixings for this!]


What you get:

  • 1x CM008W Spring Washer M8
  • 1x FCH0135 Large Slide Nut M8 [45mm Large Mills]
  • 1x M820 Screw M8x20mm Hex S316
  • 1x DROP IN Large Springed Slot Nut M8 [45mm Large Mills]
  • 1x FCH0125-M10T Large Corner Bracket M10 Tapped One Side for Fine Leveling
  • 2x S-M10 M10 Stainess Nut [Used in Adjustable Leveling Kit]
  • 1x CH-M10-75 M10 75mm Caphead Bolt for Adjustable First Cut Levelling System
  • 1x BP-M10 Backing Plate With M10 Female Fitting – Works with Adjustable Level
  • 1x CH-M10-100 M10 100mm Caphead Bolt for Adjustable First Cut Leveling System


What you don’t get:

The long first cut rungs in the gallery pictures are there for info only. To see more info on these click here.

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