GB9-12 Chainsaw Bar Adapter Turns D009 9mm Husky Studs to 12mm D025 Medium Stihl Mount


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Adapter plates enable you to fit a bar to more than one make of chainsaw.

There are different size adapters for different chainsaws. Most popular are the GB912 or the GB914 which allow you to fit lo pro bars or larger bars to Husqvarna chainsaws. You can fit Cannon Bars [S1 mount] or Sugi [SV2] mount to your Husky using GB912 adapter. Or Cannon bars [S2 mount] or GB [HS mount] to Husky saws.


GB912 and GB914 fit to the following Husqvarna chainsaws

Turns D009 Husky 9mm Studs to 12mm [GB912] or 14mm [GB914]


61, 64, 65, 66, 70, 77, 160, 162
163, 180, 181, 185, 260, 263, 266
268, 272, 280, 281, 285, 288, 298
365, 365XP, 371, 372XP, 380, 385XP
390XP, 394XP, 395XP, 562XP, 572XP, 575XP, 576XP
2100, 2101, 3120XP


GB1214 fit to the following Stihl chainsaws

Turns D025 12mm Stihl Studs to 14mm [GB1214]

024, MS240
026, MS260, MS261
027, MS270, MS271
028, MS280, MS281029, MS290, MS291
034, MS340, MS341
036, MS360, MS361, MS362
038, MS380, MS381
039, MS390, MS391
041, 044, MS440, MS441
045, MS450, MS451
046, MS460, MS461
048, 065, MS650, MS651
064, MS640, MS641
066, MS660, MS661


GB812 and GB814 fit to the following Echo chainsaws

Turns D176  8mm Studs to 12mm [GB812] or 14mm [GB814]

6702, 6800, CS60
CS451VL, CS452VL, CS500VL
CS602VL, CS610VL, CS660VL, CS750VL
CS5000, CS5500, CS5501, CS6700, CS6701
CS8000, CS8001, CS8002
CS550, CS620SX, CS680
CS8000, CS8001, CS8002


Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Maurice Cox
Great product

Works very well
And does exactly what it says

Alan Aburrow
Stihl to husqvarna

Very quick to use saved my from having to by another 36” bar, when the stihl 066 stopped oiling the bar and had to go too the repair shop. 576xp running a 3ft bar in beech very well

B. Jonsson Træservice

The GB912 fitted my 562XP perfectly so I can gladly use all my Stihlbars and chains :)
Delivery was prompt and good packaging. Great service!

Tom Everett
GB912 bar adapter

This adapter fitted like a glove to my Husky 365 X torq and positioned my GB bar just right so there was no chain nip from the sprocket/chain cover. Really good service from Always Greener Limited/Chainsawbars.

Brian Hornshaw
GB912 Chainsaw Bar Adapter turns D009mm Husky Studs to 12mm D025 Medium Stihl Mount

Did not fit properly, in that it did not allow access the the chain tension adjustment screw. I filled it out to fit, not a big job, and it is now working as intended.

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