If you are looking to getting into chainsaw carving please read this post on arbtalk here.


Chainsaw carving is NOT like standard chainsaw use – ie. you can’t simply strap on a carving bar and do carving – we broke our first carving bar and shortly after broke the chainsaw… please learn by our mistakes! We did not follow the below..


  1. Chain is SLACK – no where near as tight as a standard bar, it should be hanging off the underside of the bar
  2. R7 bars running 1/4 .043 are SUPER delicate and only used for very fine detail work
  3. Carving is mainly done with the saw at half throttle [or thereabouts] – very different from standard work where most cuts are with full throttle
  4. Carving bars take longer to bed in – run them gently and ensure they don’t get hot for the first couple of tanks [which means carve for a minute – rest a minute – carve for a minute = rest for a minute… ]
  5. Take the heels of the cutter teeth to reduce friction [Stihl 3661-13RMS already has this feature] but click here to see more on this.




You want more info on carving? Then have a look at these pages here… But grab a cuppa and do this when you have time – Carving like chainsaw milling is an art, a skill and you will not simply be able to spend 20 minutes to buy your bits then get cracking [or you can but you will break something at some point..]


If the bar is Sugihara and starts BN6 [for Cannon it is C1] this is a UNIVERSAL mount and will fit most small saws under 40cc.




[U1-12] BN6A-0X30T-A-MS181-KIT Sugihara Tough Carver Dime Tip Kit 12″[30cm] 1/4 .050[1.3mm] 68 drive links [Stihl 017, 018, 021, 023, 025, MS170, MS171, MS180, MS181, MS190T, MS191T, MS211, MS230, MS231, MS241, MS250, MS251] [x30 Expected 4th October 2024]

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Part Number BN6A-0X30T-A-MS181-KIT
Weight 435g
Part Number BN6A-0X30T-A-MS181-KIT Categories: ,
Cut speed

What do I get?

  • BN6A-0X30T-A Sugihara Tough Carver Dime Tip 12″[30cm] 1/4 .050[1.3mm] 68 drive links
  • 3661-13RMS Stihl Carving Micro Chisel 1/4 .050[1.3mm]
  • (P-1/4-050-SC) Panther Semi Chisel 1/4 .050[1.3mm]
  • S-544676 Carving Spur Sprocket 1/4 x8 tooth
  • Vallorbe 4.0mm[5/32″] Chainsaw Files Twin Pack – Files 3/8 Lo Pro and 1/4 Chains


New carving kits from Chainsawbars – save a £ or two and get everything you need to start carving!


Additional information

Weight 435 g

Chains that match

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    534370 Oregon Wooden File Handle

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  • 56050071027 Stihl Filing Pouch with 4.0mm[5/32″] Sharpens 1/4 & 3/8 Lo Pro Chains

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  • Stihl wooden file handle

    8114907860 Stihl Wooden File Handle

    Part Number 08114907860
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  • A4.0 4.0mm[5/32″] Carbide Sharpening Burr – Sharpens 3/8 Lo Pro and 1/4 [Trial price]

    Part Number A4.0
    Original price was: $23.25.Current price is: $11.62. Out of Stock
  • Oregon 3.6mm[9/64″] Chainsaw Files x12 – Files 1/4 Chains

    Part Number 105898
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  • Oregon Pouch with 4.0mm[5/32″] – Files 3/8 Lo Pro and 1/4 Chains

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  • P-3-FILES-32 Panther 3.2mm[1/8″] Chainsaw Files x3 – Files 1/4 Chains

    Part Number P-3-FILES-32
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  • P-3-FILES-4 Panther 4.0mm[5/32″] Chainsaw Files x3 – Files 3/8 Lo Pro and 1/4 Chains

    Part Number P-3-FILES-4
    $7.75 Out of Stock
  • P-3-FILES-48 Panther 4.8mm[3/16″] Chainsaw Files x3 – Files .325 Chains

    Part Number P-3-FILES-48
    $7.75 Out of Stock
  • P-3-FILES-55 Panther 5.5mm[7/32″] Chainsaw Files x3 – Files 3/8 and .404 Chains

    Part Number P-3-FILES-55
    $7.75 Out of Stock
  • Panther Diamond 4.0mm[5/32″] Chainsaw File x1 – Files 3/8 Lo Pro and 1/4

    Part Number 4MM-532-DIA
    $11.62 Out of Stock
  • Vallorbe plastic file handle with file angles

    Vallorbe Plastic File Handle with File Angles

    Part Number AL240
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