Question: What size file do I need for my chainsaw?

Answer: What size chain are you running?

Err… dunno!


A question answers the question. Most people using a chainsaw do not have an understanding of what size chain they are using. And sadly most will not invest the time to find out thinking it does not matter. In some ways it doesn’t matter but it does mean you will always be limited in your knowledge and you’ll never get the full use out of your chainsaw. If you have used and handled a chainsaw for 20 years should you not know something about it?

Take the time to find out by reading this info here.


56057504328 Stihl File Holder + File 4.8mm[3/16″] Sharpens .325 Chains


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If you are using a chainsaw you need to understand the principles of chain sharpening. Unlike pretty much all other power tools chainsaws are the most labour intensive when it comes to maintenance. Chain sharpening needs ongoing research and experience in order to improve skill level. Please take the time to read the chain sharpening info by clicking here.


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