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Oregon filing guide that clamps to bar for superior sharpening accuracy. Watch our video on using manual filing guide.

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ole skaar

Very nice even chain , prefect for long chain , sawmills

Not brilliant

The filing guide is perhaps marginally better than filing freehand. It is difficult to set up as the clamping screw is tiny, and as it is tightened (pliers needed) it moves the entire guide as the screw pushes against the bar. This also causes damage to the bar. If too much pressure is applied the angle can change during sharpening. It's a valliant effort but I'm sure there are better filing guides on the market.

Geoffrey Thomas
The product arrived very quickly and is exactly what I wanted/expected

Having previously had one of these chain sharpeners this is almost as good but a bit less solid being made of plastic rather than metal. It howver works just as well

Oregon Filing Guide

It does its job very well, I bought it for sharpening a milling chain as my 2 in 1 stihl sharpener is set at a different angle. It is finicky at times to get set correctly on your bar, but once set, will sharpen each tooth the same in no time. Not as quick as the 2 in 1 sharpener but I suppose you can't have everything. I would suggest looking at the electric version of this if you plan on using this whilst it's on the chainsaw mill. Quality of the product is good, but as it is mainly plastic it would not stand up to much abuse. Chainsawbars were great to order from and would not hesitate recommending them.

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