22270 Oregon .404 ST Rim 7-7 tooth


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THE most neglected and least checked part of the bar, chain sprocket combo. Folks will spend £s on new bars and chains and their worn out drive sprocket will wear them 3-5 times as fast. Heat build up/chain de-rail/peened drive links/nose sprocket blow outs can often be attributed to this part. How many times have we heard ‘but the saw is still pretty new?’ – does not matter – if that drive sprocket is worn it is worn so take the time to check it and change it. Also learn the differences between a spur sprocket and rim sprocket – click here for this]



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James Drummond

Fast efficient service


I purchased something for my friend and Rob the director is amazing person. He will go mile away to satisfy his customers and deliver great service. They are very helpful and responsive when contacting them. I had issues with the delivery but that was due to the nature of the time of the year and obviously the courier they using, but as i said is not their fault. He did everything he could to make the process smooth. Thank you Rob and whole team Merry Christmas to you all

7 hole

The only man for the job.
A prompt enough delivery to ni.
Priced well.
Sprocket wear on power match more effected by milling

Steve Oakley
Awesome kit!! From and an awesome company!

The guys at Chainsawbars are the best in the business! Great advice! Superb, customer care, knowledgeable and the items were delivered promptly. Would definitely recommend to anyone!!

Mathew Hewitt

Great service, great product, great price.

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