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The Panther Horizon Chainsaw Mill
The Professional’s Choice

The Panther Chainsaw Mill Range has been designed by professional chainsaw millers for chainsaw millers. Take your chainsaw milling to the next level.

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See why we think the Panther Mill is the Best on the market…


Why Choose Panther?

The Panther Chainsaw Mill has been re-designed from the ground up unlike most other chainsaw mills which are copied from existing designs.

One Handed Height Adjustment

Tool-less and fast – in fact it is the fastest compared with any other mill on the market. Simply rotate the round handle to adjust how deep the mill will cut. No need to hold a spanner in one hand while trying to adjust the mill with the other.

Fast Attachment

Attachment is the quickest of any chainsaw mill – easily bolt and unbolt your mill to your chainsaw.


Attachment to the saw is bolted not clamped – the saw can never slip in the mill.

Cleaner Cut

The mill is designed to be used with special GB Lo Pro milling bars which are thinner and narrower than existing chainsaw bars for a faster, cleaner cut. Large mills use the new Oregon 27RX Hyperskip chain which reduces strain on the powerhead and makes it far quicker to sharpen.

Full Winch Set Up

Panther Mills automatically come with a full winch set up to make milling 80% easier than pushing by hand.

Dedicated First Cut System

There is a dedicated Panther First Cut System to ensure your first cut is table top flat. This first cut system can be extended and widened indefinitely. It is the best on the market today.

Additional functionality that doesn’t exist anywhere else is being added to the Mill on an ongoing basis making the Panther Mill the choice for professional milling. The Panther chainsaw mill has been designed and built by Loglogic and is currently only available in the UK through us.

Have You Seen The Panther Intersect Vertical and Horizontal Mill?

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Customer Reviews

Panther Mill 42″ – Mat, Solvakia
“I can say I loved the mill ever since I saw it (mainly the innovation of the geared quick cut height adjustment) and when I tried it for the first time I was astounded by the smooth finish the GB Lo Pro bar together with the Stihl Lo Pro 3/8 PMX chain leaves with this mill. With the first cut system its like band saw cut quality. This is a piece of poplar – my very first mill”

Stunning poplar milled with a Panther 42"

Stunning poplar milled with a Panther 42″ by Mat in Slovakia.

“The Panther arrived and I did a quick run just to see how it all went and very pleased! The Hyper skip is a great chain and as an experiment ran the 72” with 2x 576 XPs with 8 pin rims in a very knotty bit of Pine and it was a good job. The Hyperskip really is a big help and as you say it allows you to control whats going on not like a “normal” chain! The video is the first cut of a Beech 576 XPs 72″ Oregon Hyper skip with the Panther Mill. It’s a great product!”

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