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Fits the following chainsaws:


T540 XP, T540XP Mk II

NOTE: This kit includes a sprocket/bar/chain – no need to worry what sprocket you have as you will be replacing it!]



614387 Oregon Speed Cut Sprocket/Bar/Chain Combo [T540XP, T540XP MkII] 10″[25cm] .325 .043 46 drive links


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Weight 435g
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Cut speed

New Oregon Speedcut Nano System bars are new from Oregon and is Husqvarna/Oregon’s answer to Stihl’s 1/4 .043 chain. Would it have been easier and simpler for customers to understand the chain if they had done a 1/4 .043 version that people already knew and understood? Yes – but then they would not have a unique selling point hence they have brought out .325 .043!

Will it cut as thin as 1/4 .043? No… close but not as thin a kerf.

Will it be a stronger set up than 1/4 .043? Yes – slightly thicker bar and sturdier chain.

Will it last longer and be easier to sharpen than 1/4 .043? Prob yes on both counts.


Features an aluminium core, light weight and designed to run the Oregon 95TXL chain.



Product Description

SpeedCut™ Nano Conversion Kits has been engineered from the ground up with maximum efficiency in mind. Built to optimize saw performance, SpeedCut Nano is the first .325 Low Profile system and meets the demands of tree care professionals like no other on the market.

Product Details

  • For saws in the 1-3hp range (20-38cc)
  • Pitch: .325 Low Profile (NEW) narrow kerf, Gauge: .043
  • Lubritec™ keeps your chain and guide bar oiled for less friction and longer life
  • Longer run time from a uniquely designed SpeedCut Nano 80TXL saw chain which increases saw cutting efficiency
  • Increased speed allows compact saws to take on a big projects
  • Smooth cuts and nearly no cutting chatter
  • Performance that won’t stall in the cut



Additional information

Weight 435 g

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