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009, 010, 011, 012, 017, MS170, MS171, 018, MS180, MS181, 019, MS190, MS191, MS192, MS193, 020, MS200, MS201, 021, 022, MS210, MS211
019T, MS190T, MS191T, MS192T, MS193T, 020T, MS200T, MS201T
HT70, HT75, HT100, HT101, HT130, HT131
E140, E160, E180, MSE140, MSE160, MSE180, MSE200

Cannon bar code (starts) S5
GB bar code (starts) SW12
Oregon bar code (ends) A074
Stihl bar code (starts) 3005
Sugihara bar code (starts) SL2

SL2U-4N30-A Sugihara Light Type Pro [Quick Cut Version] 12″[30cm] 3/8 Lo Pro .043 44 drive links


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Part Number SL2U-4N30-A
Weight 390g
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There are 3 types of Sugihara Guidebar – Pro Laminated, Pro Solid and Light Type pro. Sugihara have been making chainsaw bars in Japan for over 50 years – and it shows! They have some of the hardest wearing, best looking and longest lasting bars in the business. Have a look at the second picture above in the gallery to see how these bars differ. Read on to find out what makes a Sugihara bar better than others.

Steel has different properties dependant on how it is heated then cooled. Sugihara bars may go through the process of heating and cooling up to 4 times on different parts of the bar in order to gain maximum performance. The rails need to be accurately cut and hardened but over hardening can make them brittle. The bar body needs to be stiff yet flexible. We have used a number of different chainsaw bars over the years including all the major manufactures. Sugihara bars are the hardest wearing bars out there. Even their laminated bars will outlast rivals.

On the single piece pro and light type bars the hardness of the rails is measured at HRC 60. Compare this to Stihl at HRC 57 and Oregon at HRC 55 and it is clear why these bars last longer. They are so hard they resist most flat files when it comes to bar dressing (we recommend a diamond dressing knife which can be found here).

However bear in mind they are more ‘thoroughbred’ in that if they are mistreated and the bar gets over heated they are more prone to chipping.

I’ve had a few SugiHara bars over the years . They outlast all the bars I’ve tried. Cut hundreds of cords of hardwood over the years. They last and last and last. Well you get the picture..A.R.E Demolition & Excavation, Inc

Superb bar which gives a quality upgrade to my Husky saw. Thought I would have to spend a lot more to upgrade from the bog standard bar to the Sugihara which gives a more solid feel.’ E Flemming

Top product using it for milling no flex in the bar helping with that perfect board.’ Guy Ruyssevelt

Like all pro sugihara bars – very durable, dressing almost no needed compare to husqDariusz Skrzypczyk

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Weight 390 g

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