PM-B Panther Basic Parts Kit


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Part Number PM-B Part Number PM-B Category:
CM002N Flanged Nyloc M8 Nut (CM002N)
CM003N Standard Nyloc M8 Nut (CM003N)
CM004N Standard M8 13mm Nuts (CM004N)
CM005W Plain Washer M6 (CM005W)
CM006W Plain Washer M8 (CM006W)
CM008W Spring Washer M8 (CM008W)
CM007S Socket Cap Screw M6x45mm (CM007S)
3842 Grub Screw M6x8 Cup point (3842)
CM011 Bar Clamp Washer (CM011)
33842 Grub Screw M8x8 Cup point (33842)
CM003H Hex Screw M8x16mm Bolt (CM003H)
FCH0135 Large Slide Nut M8 [45mm Large Mills] (FCH0135)
3837 Adjustable Handle M8x16mm Female (3837)
CM-A02R Upright Rack Assembly (CM-A02R)
CM-A03 Push Handle WA (CM-A03)
CM003 Rack Mount Black Bracket (CM003)
CM005 Gold Rack Clamp (CM005)
CM035 MkII Saw Guide Thrust Skid (CM035)
CM025 Nose Guard (CM025)
CM019 Stop Boss (CM019)
3841 Grub Screw Plain M8x50mm (3841)
CM031 Gold Pinion (CM031)
CM009C Gold handle grip (CM009C)
CM0085 Socket Cap Screw M6x80mm (CM0085)
4507 Grub Screw Plain M8x70mm (4507)
CM004C Pinion Block (CM004C)
FCH0125 Large Corner Bracket for 45mm Larg
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