PM-80 [Excludes Bar and chain] Panther Horizon Heavy Chainsaw Mill 80″ + 8mm Drill Bit


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This is the Panther Mill version without the trimmings for a lower price. Add your own accessories and/or drill your existing bar to accept the mill. Fits to any bar from 36″ up to 84″. Width of cut – take 8″ off your bar length and this is a realistic max milling length.

The Panther chainsaw mill has been designed and built by Loglogic and is sold in collaboration with There are a host of other chainsaw mills on the market so why make another? Answer – because it’s better in every possible way when compared to other mills on the market. We didn’t develop these mills in order to make clones or similar style mills – we wanted the next step up – AND WE DID IT!

NOTE: There maybe some small differences in the mill you get to the mill in the pictures – you DO NOT get the winch with this mill. New pictures to follow…


  • Max depth of cut on all mills 13″[33cm] – Custom longer uprights coming soon!

You can fit a Panther to ANY chainsaw but you will have to drill x2 8mm holes in order to mount it.

New Monster Double Ended Panther Milling Kits can now be found by clicking here!


Designed by chainsaw millers for chainsaw millers.

Re designed from the ground up – most other chainsaw mills are copied from existing designs – the Panther Mill has been re designed from scratch.

Height adjustment is tool less and fast – in fact it is the fastest compared with any other mill on the market. Simply rotate the round handle to adjust how deep the mill will cut. No need to hold a spanner in one hand while trying to adjust the mill with the other.

Attachment is the quickest of any chainsaw mill – easily bolt and unbolt your mill to your chainsaw.

Attachment to the saw is bolted not clamped – the saw can never slip in the mill.

What are the advantages over other mills

  • Quick on/off and secure attachment to chainsaw
  • Rapid tool-less height adjustment
  • Optional bolt on extras available
  • High quality stainless steel and aluminum used in manufacture
  • Thicker 45mm profile on rails and braces [compared to 30mm on other mills]
  • Bigger, better, stronger!


The mill is designed to be used with special GB Lo Pro milling bars which are thinner and narrower than existing chainsaw bars for a faster, cleaner cut.

Panther Mills automatically come with a full winch set up to make milling 80% easier than pushing by hand.

There is a dedicated Panther First Cut System to ensure your first cut is table top flat. This first cut system can be extended and widened indefinitely. It is the best on the market today.

In the long term additional functionality will be built into the Panther Mill that currently does not exist anywhere else – but you’ll have to watch this space to see!



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