PM-42-PM60 Panther Horizon Chainsaw Mill Heavy Upgrade PM-42 to PM-60


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We are always looking to improve the Panther mills and this improvement happens rapidly – upgrade your 42″ Panther Mill to the 45mm Profile – stronger, tougher and the most solid mill you can buy anywhere in the world. This upgrade takes you from a 42″ mill to a 60″ mill to work with the GB 64″ bar.


What you get:


  • 2x FCH001A First Cut Heavy/Horizon. Long Section (45 x 45 x1495mm)
  • 3x FCH001C Panther Horizon. Cross Section (45 x 45 x 245mm)
  • 13x 45ZJ Large Internal Angle Brackets [x1 spare]
  • 2x CM038 Rack Base Extension
  • 2x 4507 Grubscrew M 8 x 65 Cup Point 12.9 Self Colour
  • 2x Retaining lug for Rack Base
  • 1x CM006B Control Tube Long Mill (7/8 x 1.5 x 1498mm)
  • 1x CM004B Pinion Block Centre Fittings
  • 2x GH Gold Collar Handle Grips
  • 12x M8 Large Slot Nuts
  • 1x M6 Large Slot Nut
  • 1x 4mm Allen Key

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