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Stihl saws (no adapter required)

050, 051, 070, 075
076, 08, 084, 090
088, MS880

Stihl saws (adapters supplied)

024, MS240
026, MS260, MS261
027, MS270, MS271
028, MS280, MS281029, MS290, MS291
034, MS340, MS341
036, MS360, MS361, MS362
038, MS380, MS381
039, MS390, MS391
041, 044, MS440, MS441
045, MS450, MS451
046, MS460, MS461
048, 065, MS650, MS651
064, MS640, MS641
066, MS660, MS661

Husqvarna saws (adapters supplied)

61, 64, 65, 66, 70, 77, 160, 162
163, 180, 181, 185, 260, 263, 266
268, 272, 280, 281, 285, 288, 298
365, 365XP, 371, 372XP, 380, 385XP
390XP, 394XP, 395XP, 575XP, 576XP


PHD-95-GB108 Panther HD Double Ended Heavy Chainsaw Mill 95″[240cm] Milling Width 90″[228cm] .404 .063 279 drive links


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Panther HD Double Ended Chainsaw Mill. Comes with chainsaw for the far end of the mill. These set ups are designed to run with x2 chainsaws for best effect [these are not included with this kit]. The mill is built using heavy duty 45mm profile is the biggest toughest mill you will find on the market.

What do you actually get for your $$

  • HSDS108-63D GB 108″[274cm] Double Ended Milling Bar Mill up to 90″[228cm] Logs – For Stihl & Husqvarna Saws .404 .063 279 drive links
  • 2x GB1214 Chainsaw Bar Adapter 12mm 14mm Medium Stihl D025 to Large Stihl A031
  • 2x GB914 Chainsaw Bar Adapter 9mm 14mm Large Husky D009 to Large Stihl A031
  • 27RA Oregon Ripping .404 .063 279 drive links
  • x8 Additional Links 27RA Chain + Joiners
  • PM-95-B Panther Horizon Heavy Chainsaw Mill 95″[240cm] Bare Mill [No Bar or Chain]
  • x8 33842 Grub Screw M8x8 Cup point
  • CM045 2mm Spacer Washer for Double Ended Panther Mills


What saws can I use? Most of these saws will all work fine in whatever combination you have. NB: check the drive rims are both running the same size chain. If you go with 3/8 chain make sure your saws both run 3/8 or if .404 make sure both saws are running .404


For more info on double ended milling research this article on Arbtalk here



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