PH15W Panther 1.5m Section 1st Cut System WIDE & HEAVY [1.5m You Will Likely Need More Than x1 section]


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Solid dynamic first cut system for chainsaw mills.

Bear in mind you will likely need more than just x1 1.5m section.

What you get:

  • 2x 1.5m Lengths of Heavy Duty Profile
  • 2x Pre drilled Rungs (60cm)
  • 8x Large L shape brackets (x4 per rung)
  • 4x Heavy duty longitudinal joiners

You need to overhang your log each end enough to be able to enter and exit the log easily.

Rungs are pre drilled to allow hex bolts to fix the set up to the log. These sections easily attach together so you can keep adding more and more length to your first cut system. Made of sturdy 45mm profile, pre drilled rungs made of 40mm profile. This is the bare bones kit so if you want to add further functionality check out the fixing brackets, fixing kit, levels and other accessories.


Watch the following videos for more info.

First cut systems for chainsaw mills – getting the first cut flat

New first cut rails (heavy duty) and how to use them to get a precise first cut

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