PB-180 Panther 180mm Stainless Bracket, Clamping Handle and Large Slot Nut


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180mm bracket, clamping handle and slot nut for the HEAVY first cut system.

With these custom designed and built stainless brackets you can fix your HEAVY first cut system to the end of the log rather than screwing down through the rungs. This allows better sawing in line with the center of the log as well as giving more control as to how you set the system up.

Pointed ends also allow you to use them as a brace if the first cut system is traversing a large hollow so there is no chance of the cut dropping as the mill travels over the rails.

In an ideal system you would want x2 of the 180mm brackets and 2x of the 245mm brackets.


Watch the following videos for more info.

First cut systems for chainsaw mills – getting the first cut flat

New first cut rails (heavy duty) and how to use them to get a precise first cut


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