[Bagged] P-1/4-043-MFS-80 Panther Mini Chain [Unguarded Version] 1/4 .043[1.3mm] 80 Drive Links


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Part Number P-1/4-043-MFS-80 Part Number P-1/4-043-MFS-80 Category:

New Panther Mini Chain but in a full skip unguarded configuration. Part number tells you what it is. This will fit the Stihl 1/4 .043 Mini bars as well as all the Panther bars and carving bars that have an .043 Gauge. Likely this chain is better for the longer Panther Mini bars but it also depends on the powerhead you are using.


  • P stands for Panther
  • 1/4 = self explanatory – it is 1/4 chain
  • 043 = gauge of chain is .043[1.1mm]
  • M = Mini [as in Panther Mini chain]
  • FS = Full Skip configuration
  • 80 = 80 Drive Links
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