P-KIT-2.9M Panther Full Kit Comprehensive First Cut Systems


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Less expensive than the 4.0m kits because the 2.9m kits have x3 rungs [rather than x4] and also they don’t come with longitudinal joiners. These are all the parts and bits and pieces that come with the 4.0m Comprehensive 1st Cut Systems. But it excludes the rungs and the side profile pieces.


What you get:

  • 4x CM00-LV Panther Adjustable Levelling Support
  • M13 13mm Ratchet Spanner
  • D3613 13mm Ratchet Spanner
  • 6x FCH0135 Large Slide Nut M8 [45mm Large Mills]
  • 2x FCH0125AB Large Twisty Drop In Nut M8 [45mm Profile Large Mills]
  • 13x PB-EHB First Cut System External Corner Bracket [With Fixings]
  • PB-A3 3mm Allen Key
  • PBA6 6mm Allen Key
  • 2x CM001B Panther Mill Supports – Short [182mm], M8 Bolt and Large Slot Nut
  • 2x CM001A Panther Mill Supports – Long [245mm], M8 Bolt and Large Slot Nut
  • PFKH Panther Fixing Kit for HEAVY First Cut Systems


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