Husqvarna 120 Mk II 14″[35cm] Cannon Dime Tip Bar Starter Carving Package


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Husqvarna 120 Mk II with 14″[35cm] Cannon Dime Tip Carving bar and Stihl 13RMS 1/4 .050 carving chain. A solid set up to start carving with. Research the subject as it is easy to break equipment by diving straight in. This set up is ready to go and a great way to start your first carving project. Sprocket nose Sugihara bar included [also in 1/4 pitch] if you wish to swap bars for some cross cutting.


If you don’t want the bars provided – buy the powerhead only option here.


What you get:

  • Husqvarna 120 Mk II 1/4 Pitch Drive Sprocket Fitted [Powerhead Only]
  • CCD-C1-14-50 Cannon Carving Dime Tip 14″[35cm] 1/4 .050 77 drive links
  • BC2M-0F35-A [NON STANDARD] Sugihara Pro Lam 14″[35cm] 1/4 .050 76 drive links
  • 3661-13RMS Stihl Carving Micro Chisel 1/4 .050 77 Drive Links
  • 3661-13RMS Stihl Carving Micro Chisel 1/4 .050 76 Drive Links


You can find more of the 3661-13RMS chain clicking here – BUT remember to put in the correct number of drive links [either 64 for 12″ Cannon or 68 for 12″ Sugi].


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